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Saturday, December 31, 2011

4th Swiss Ready to Deploy

I finished the base of the 4th Swiss last night and they are now ready to march from their depot and head to the Peninsular for the glory of the Emperor of France!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Battle of Friedchikun - The Set-up

Meanwhile, back in the early 1700's . . .

Finally played the Battle of Friedchikun which is based on the Battle of Friedlingen scenario from The Volley and Bayonet page which was fought between the French and Imperial Forces on October 14th, 1702. The French are commanded by Honorable Son #2 with yours truely commanding two of the French Infantry Divisions. Honorable Son #4 is commanded the Imperials. Most units in the order of battle were not actually at the real battle - those are the units that I have painted. First the Imperial Army:

Markgraf Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden-Baden AC

Left (Infantry) Wing, 1st Line. Feldzugmeister Graf K. E. von Furstenberg-Mosskirch DC Exhaustion=5

  • Inf Regt Alt Salm M6 [ ] [ ]
  • Inf Regt Wallis M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Inf Regt D’Arnant M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Dragoon Regt Prinz Eugene M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Field Artillery Bty M5 [ ] [ ]

Left (Infantry) Wing, 2nd Line. Feldmarschallleutnant Graf P. von Furstenberg-Stuhlingen DC Exhaustion=4

  • Inf Regt Prince George M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Inf Regt Wallon M6 [ ] [ ]
  • Inf Regt Konigsegg M5 [ ] [ ]

Centre (Reserve) Column. Feldmarschalleutnant Graf Arco DC and Feldmarschalleutnant Graf Erffa DC Exhaustion=4

  • Maximillian Converged Grenadiers M6 [ ] [ ] g
  • Converged Grenadiers M6 [ ] [ ] g
  • Bayreuth Dragoons M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Field Artillery Bty M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Field Artillery Bty M5 [ ] [ ]

Right (Cavalry) Wing, 1st Line. Feldmarschalleutnant Furst von Hohenzollern DC Exhaustion=3

  • Kuirassiere Regt Lobkiwitz M6 [ ] [ ]
  • Kuirassiere Regt Alt-Hanover M6 [ ] [ ]
  • Austrian Dragoon Regt Sachsen-Heilburg M5 [ ] [ ]

Right (Cavalry) Wing, 2nd Line. Feldmarschalleutnant Baron von Stauffenberg DC Exhaustion=3

  • Kuirassiere Regt Darmstadt M6 [ ] [ ]
  • Kuirassiere Regt Cusanin M6 [ ] [ ]
  • Dragoon Regt d’Odom M5 [ ] [ ]

Detached Garrisons

  • Baden-Durlach Militia Bn in Sternschanze M4 [ ] m/sk
  • Baden-Durlach Militia Bn in Schloss Friedlingen M4 [ ] m/sk
And for the French:

Lt Genl Marquis de Villars AC

Detached Garrisons

  • Regt La Marche (part) on the Schusterinsel M5 [ ] sk
  • Regt La Marche (part) on the Schusterinsel M5 [ ] sk
  • Schusterinsel Battery (field guns) M5 [ ]

Left (Cavalry) Wing, 1st Line. Genl Comte de Magnac DC Exhaustion=4

  • French Cavalry Bde Heudincourt M5 [ ] [ ]
  • French Cavalry Bde Vileroy M5 [ ] [ ]
  • French Cavalry Bde Colonel-General M5 [ ] [ ]
  • French Cavalry Bde Fiennes M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Artillery Bty 1 M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Artillery Bty 2 M5 [ ] [ ]
  • Artillery Bty 3 M5 [ ] [ ]

Left (Cavalry) Wing, 2nd Line. Lt Genl Marquis de Merde-Tete DC Exhaustion=4

  • French Dragoon Bde Boufflers M4 [ ] [ ] d
  • French Dragoon Bde Royal M4 [ ] [ ] d
  • French Dragoon Bde Dauphin M4 [ ] [ ] d
  • Converged Grenadiers M6 [ ] [ ] g

Centre (Reserve) Column. Colonel le Comte de Robecq DC Exhaustion=3

  • Regt Germain M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Regt Grancey M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]

Right (Infantry) Wing, 1st Line. Lt Genl des Bordes DC Exhaustion=7

  • Regt Sillery M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Regt Reynold M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Regt Bearn M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Regt Soissonais M4 [ ] [ ] [ ]

Right (Infantry) Wing, 2nd Line. Lt Genl a Plombe DC Exhaustion=7

  • Regt Greder M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Regt Rochembeau M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Regt Normandie M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Regt Picardie M5 [ ] [ ] [ ]

All Infantry on Linear stands on both sides have dedicated guns.

The objective for the Imperial Army is simple: Stop the French from getting either to the bridge or the other road behind the small town of Friedchikun. We decided that the game would be 8 turns in length and that the French, as the attackers, would go first.

The above is the view of the Austrian lines from the French lines. The Austrian infantry divisions are on their left flank, grenadiers and most artillery in the center, and cavalry on the right. As the Imperial commander, Honorable Son #4 has established a bowl-shaped engagement area to the front of Friedchikun with the cavalry poised to take advantage of any wavering French attacks. The green fault outlines the forested areas.

A better look at the Austrian deployment with the French at the top of the picture. The French are virtually a mirror deployment of the Austrians: Infantry on the right flank, artillery and reserve in the center with the cavalry on the right.

For both sides, the units behind the field works cannot move.

The French Infantry getting ready to step out.

The French guns are not pointing the wrong way; that's how we show which guns are limbered. I have some horses and limbers from Editions Brokaw that I need to paint for limber markers.

The steady ranks of the Imperial infantry. I really need to finish the flocking on the bases!

The Imperial Cavalry.

The French Attack commences.

Next up: Markers, the incredible accuracy of Austrian gunnery, and why you shouldn't attack through the woods against steady infantry in the age of linear warfare!

Monday, December 26, 2011

4th Swiss Regiment WIP #2

I was able to finish painting the 4th Swiss and base them on Christmas night. I am very pleased with the result; but then again, I'm an unabashed fan boy for Perry Miniatures.

After painting and adding the packs to the the figures, I think that the packs without bedrolls may be for the figures in overcoats. Oh well, the figures will stay and fight in "climate controlled" battlefields so I don't think they will be too uncomfortable.

Whoops! Just noticed some blue paint on the white turnback I'll need to paint over.

I still need to print off a flag, add a label to the base (forgot to put that on first before gluing the figures!) and then add some flocking and terrain to the base.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

4th Swiss Regiment WIP

Most of the base colors are now complete for the 4th Swiss and now it's time to put in the details and highlights.

My infantry brigades for Volley and Bayonet usually have 8 figures mounted per stand. The 4th Swiss will have an officer, standard bearer, drummer, 3 fusiliers and 2 grenadiers to "steady" the line.

Interestingly, most French infantry and allies had red epaulettes for the grenadier units; the 4th Swiss appears to have had white epaulettes.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

French Peninsular Army (and allies!) for Volley and Bayonet

Based on figures already painted and figures waiting to be painted, I finally organized my "generic" French Peninsular Army for Volley and Bayonet. For the Napoleonic period in Volley and Bayonet, units usually represent brigades and the skirmish stands are battalion sized detachments. The units listed are what the figures are painted as or will be painted, not just that unit. The actual brigade would have several regiments or combination of battalions.

I've painted 2 Army Commander stands so far, the Emperor Napoleon and Marshal Soult. The Emperor will not be in many of the future battles to be fought - but hey, ya gotta have him in your collection if you have the French. I'm pretty sure it's a rule somewhere. After organizing it looks like I have a few extra marshals and generals lying around so I may do a third Army Commander stand for Marshal Massena.

The units below that are in bold black font are already painted and (S) means "skirmish" stand. Need means I need to purchase!

Army Commander - The Emperor Napoleon

Army Commander - Marshal Jean-de-Dieu Soult

Soult Army Command Stand

I Corps d'Armee Commander - Marshal Victor or Davout

1st Division Commander - General Foy
9th Legere (Light Infantry)
18th Ligne (Line Infantry)
25th Ligne
Division Artillery (Have figures, need gun)

2nd Division Commander - General Marchand
15th Legere
8th Ligne
30th Ligne
4th Swiss Ligne
Division Artillery
(Have figures, need gun)

Corps Troops
5th Chasseurs

IV Corps d'Armee Commander - Marshal Ney

Ney Corps Command Stand

1st Division Commander - General Sebastiani
12th Legere
28th Ligne
54th Ligne
Division Artillery
(Have figures, need gun)

12th Legere

2nd Division Commander - General Valence
16th Ligne
18nd Ligne
21th Ligne
Division Artillery
(Have figures, need gun)

3rd (German) Division Commander - Gen Leval
1st Regiment, Grand Duchy of Berg

Gross und Erbprinz
Anhalt Regiment
4th Polish Regiment (Need)
Division Artillery
(Need figures and gun)
Corps Troops
10th Chasseurs

Light Cavalry Division Commander - General Desnouettes
7th Chasseurs
2nd Hussars

2nd Hussars

7th Chasseurs

1st Dragoon Division Commander - General Fournier
1st Dragoons
9th Dragoons
14th Dragoons
Horse Artillery (Have gun, need figures)

2nd Dragoon Division Commander - General Milhaud
12th Dragoons
25th Dragoons
1st Hussars or 3rd Dutch Hussars
Horse Artillery (Have gun, need figures)

Imperial Guard Commander - Marshal Bessieres
Grenadiers a pied
Chasseurs a pied
Chasseurs a cheval

The Imperial Guard units can also be used for units of converged grenadiers and the Spanish King's guard. I have 4 painted Skirmish stands and I plan on painting 5 more.

Grenadiers of the Old Guard
Chasseurs of the Old Guard

Now that both sides are organized - time to get painting again. My goal is to get the 4th Swiss painted in the next week and then do another French Infantry unit. After that - back to the British!