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Friday, July 30, 2021

The Anglo-Russian War: The Long Delayed Conclusion of Grab the Guru!

 In our last episode, Kavik, evil and slimy Siberian Shaman successfully created a sheet of ice . . . 

Note: What you are about to see is not necessarily the strict game sequence, but put together for the narrative of what happen in the game using In Her Majesty's Name, Second Edition.

Which caused the Blue Meanie to lose her bearing and slip. On with the adventure!


Agent Natasha Fatale: I was able to save the life of our Fearless Leader, Count Vladmir Zabatov and my sweetie nookums Boris Badenov (the greatest no-goodnik in the world) but I left Kavik to die in the heat because he is a slime ball. We lost sight of the objective of the scenario and should have never split our forces (not that it was Fearless Leaders fault, I would never criticize Fearless Leader - never!); we concentrated on killing Lady Helen's privateers instead of focusing on grabbing the Mad Guru. Of course, having every leader roll for pluck in the Lost Temple caught us by surprise with the Blue Meanie. You might have noticed that Boris did not do a lot; Fearless Leader (not that I'm criticizing) forgot to move him for 3 turns. I will bonk Boris on the head for not buying grenades (why have the grenadier talent without grenades?).

Lady Helen Quartermain: All in all our plan worked even though we lost several crewman. I forgot to give the Black Dragon the Lightning Strike Talent, but oh well, he did not need it. Cajun Cate neutralized the Siberian Wolves each time which kept them out of the fight. Fortunately, the Russians couldn't roll a Hero point roll to save their lives (pun intended!)

The Hero of the Game: The mysterious Black Dragon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Re-Post: Romano-British Army and Arthur, Dux Bellorum

Time out: I haven’t been able to finish Part 3 of  Grab the Guru yet. Please enjoy this post from yesteryear.

 Arthur, Dux Bellorum of Britain leads the elite of Britain against the Saxon invaders.

My Romano-British army composed primarily of Wargames Foundry figures with some Old Glory miniatures is finished and battle tested.  They are mounted for Dux Bellorum on 120mm wide bases.  In Dux Bellorum game terms I organized the army as my own interpretation of King Arthur:
1 Mounted Companions: 5 points
3 Noble Riders: 15 points
2 Ordinary Shieldwall: 6 points
1 Mounted Skirmishers: 2 points

Of course I utilize the Experience Warlord and Imposing Horsemen option!

The assembled War host.

Shieldwall infantry #1.

Shield Wall infantry #2.

Arthur is the middle figure from Wargames Foundry flanked by Old Glory miniatures. Since he was also known as the "Bear" I added an extra flag to go along with the traditional Pendragon standard.

Okay . . . I'm showing off the dragon painted on the shield.

Another view of the mounted force.

One of the most useful units are my mounted skirmishers for making Saxon Warbands charge when they don't want to. I have also discovered that dismounted skirmishers with javelins are very useful.

I love the priest from Wargames Foundry.

One last look at the "overlooked" infantry of Arthur's army.