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Saturday, April 9, 2016

IHMN: Baron Maupertuis

 From the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes as written by Dr. James Watson:

"It was some time before the health of my friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes recovered from the strain caused by his immense exertions in the spring of '87.  The whole question of the Netherland-Sumatra Company and of the colossal schemes of Baron Maupertuis are too recent in the minds of the public . . ."
That's right. Baron Maupertius is here . . .  The figure is the "Mr. Grimm" figure from Reaper Miniatures.  He will definitely have a steam powered fist and one never knows what his walking stick is capable of in the world of In Her Majesty's Name.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

If you are going to play Dragon Rampant . . .

. . . you might as well have a dragon!  Several years ago I purchased at a Schleich plastic toy dragon for $12.00 US with the intent of using it for gaming.  Now that I have a copy of Daniel Mersey's Dragon Rampant it was time to get the dragon ready.

 The dragon before any work is down; it is extremely detailed, sturdy and well painted.

 A 28mm Gripping Beast hard plastic Viking for scale.

 It looks like the unfinished ECW Regiment have their pikes ready!

The dragon is mounted on a plywood base with a hot glue gun.  The bases come 8 to a pack and can be purchased from Hobby Lobby in the USA for $2.99.  I then painted on a few highlights for the horn, claws, teeth, tongue and under scales to make them look more realistic (I know, it's a dragon!).  That took me all of maybe 10 minutes.  The original colors are really good.  Add some sand, paint the base and cover liberally with static grass and Ta - Dah: A dragon fit for battle.

The fairest of them all and her seven companions take on the dragon rampaging through the kingdom.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm the Doctor

"I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man who's gonna save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?"

I have yet to find another show that can switch so quickly from cheesy and absurd to epic and chill-inducing. Nobody does it like the Doctor.  It was only a matter of time before he and a companion showed up on the tabletop for our adventures in the world of In Her Majesty's Name.  I'm still working out the rules for the good Doctor and I am looking forward to getting them into a game.  Figures are from Crooked Dice and the Tardis from Reaper Miniatures.  I have not worked up a profile for him yet but I imagine some of the possible talents will be Erudite Wit, Immortal, Engineer, Fearless, Inspirational and Leadership with a low Pluck roll!  He will cost many points but after all, he's the Doctor.

Here are the photos of the work in progress as I am experimenting taking pictures with my Iphone:

Sunday, April 3, 2016

What a Great First Quarter of 2016!

At the beginning of the new year I set my painting goals for the year.  I am actually amazed at how much progress I have made.  So here is the update based on the order I posted my goals:

1.  Finish my last English Civil War regiment of foot.  Nope. Still sitting on the painting table:

"We're still waiting . . . "

On the gripping hand, I did finish the brigade commanders I wanted to do:
The Cromwell brigade command stand and a Scotsman with a stomach ache.

The Lord Leven command stand will command (for now) my Irish Brigade.

2. I wanted to have some more companies for In Her Majesty's Name and by George, I did get some painted and ready to go:

 Scotland Yard.

Lord Raglan's Imperial Chinese Army.

I love the Reapers Miniatures Yeti.
More Adventurers in Deepest Darkest Africa.

Protecting the obelisk from those that would do good people harm.
On the India - Chinese border.

Teddy Roosevelt leads a stalwart band of heroes including Special Agent Thomas Sawyer and Colour Sergeant Bourne.

3. Dux Bellorum.  No progress on my King Arthur army yet but the shields for the Vikings are finally done.

4. Anglo-Zulu War.  I have finished my first unit for the Anglo-Zulu War for use with the upcoming rules by Daniel Mersey The Men Who Would Be Kings.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Great Deal at Hobby Lobby

I was picking up some materials for my wife to put together some corsages at our local Hobby Lobby.  As I passed the flower section I caught out of the corner of my eye the "Fairy Garden" section on the aisle.  Lo and behold there is a bridge that will be perfect for skirmish gaming.  The best part is that it is $2.99.

28mm Gripping Beast Viking Character for scale.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Men of Harlech

 Men of Harlech, march to glory,
Victory is hov'ring o'er ye,
Bright-eyed freedom stands before ye,
Hear ye not her call?

The first unit I have done for Dan Mersey's upcoming The Men Who Would be Kings is complete.  The unit is based on the 24th Regiment of Foot for the Anglo-Zulu War.  This will not be the final composition of the unit as I am sure a bugle will eventually replace either Chard or Bromhead.

The figures are from the following Empress Miniatures/Warlord Games range: British Infantry Standing - To ZWB05, British Infantry Standing - To ZWB21 and The Heroes of Rorke Drift Hollywood version ZWB29.  The figures are mounted on wooden bases from Litko.

Thou, who noble Cambria wrongest,
Know that freedom's cause is strongest,
Freedom's courage lasts the longest,
Ending but with death!

Upon their soil we never sought them,
Love of conquest hither brought them,
But this lesson we have taught them,
"Cambria ne'er can yield!

In addition these fine chaps will find themselves serving as The Queen's Own African Rifles as part of the universe of In Her Majesty's Name

"You heard The Doctor!  Protect the strange blue box at all costs!"