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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

IHMN: The US Marshals in the Land of the Winkies, Part 2 (Episode 5.6)

Previously in Part 1:

President Cleveland has ordered Task Force Tombstone, consisting of US Marshals including the famous Earp brothers to get the Wicked Witch of the West dead or alive in retaliation for attacks on The Smithsonian Institute and the Gale Farm in Kansas. Thomas Edison has modified the gyroscope controls Professor Nightengale and Tesla's alternating-current (AC) system with his direct-current (DC) electric power on the only known American Tesla gate out in the wild, wild west. To quote the President in order to activate and put the posse right in WWW's castle. Operation Looking Glass successfully "gates" to the castle but disaster strikes as Deputy Dan in his Pursuit armor is killed and the entry of the Wolves of Oz threaten to overwhelm the outnumbered marshals. Prior to Deputy Dan's death at the hands of WWW, he had positioned a mysterious object in the castle that may save the day . . .

 It's the newly invented Edison One-way Interdimensional Beam Translator!

 It's the United States Branch of the Knights Templars! (and a new player enters the game)

 Looks like we got here in the nick of time (finally reached the turn of the die roll!)

 Morgan takes out another monkey . . .

 . . . while Virgil takes on a wolf.

 Correction: Virgil takes out the wolf.

 But Morgan Earp falls under the steam claws of the other flying monkey.

 From now on if I see a flying monkey, I kill it. So fly you cur. And tell the other mechanical primates that the law is coming. You tell ’em I’m coming! And Hell’s coming with me you hear! Hell’s coming with me! 

 Grant Johnson falls under the attack of two wolves.

 More monkeys!

 I think I will just stay here in cover and shoot every other turn.

 We slay monsters.

 Okay you Winkies, time to earn your pay! (WWW forgets that they are slaves to her evilness)

 I guess we will attack too.

 More monkeys attack; this time it's the Knights that take the brunt of the assault.

 What is that foul alcoholic stench behind me?
 Rooster Cogburn: "I aim to kill you in one minute for what you did to Deputy Dan!"
WWW:  I call that bold talk from a one-eyed fat man.
 Wyatt guns down a Winkie . . .

 . . . while Doc introduces the wolf to both barrels.

 The foul beast is dead.

An overview of the action.

WWW: Move toward Wyatt Earp and kill him.
Rooster: Hunh?
WWW: Dang. He is too drunk to mesmerize.

The tide starts to turn . . .

 . . . when shots ring out from above.  WWW is down.

The Winkie kills Virgil Earp.

Rooster keeps shooting just to keep her down and out since they forgot the bucket of water.

The Knights finish off the wolves.

"I've got her boys, now clear me a path to the gate."

I don't think this monkey is going to make it.

More monkeys trying to save their mistress of evil.

A Winkie sniper fires and misses.

I'll save you ma'am!

Wyatt is a one man killing machine now that he is the last of the Earp boys standing.

The Knights slice, dice and shoot mechanical monkeys.

"Come on Rooster, keep up."

"Wyatt! We've got the gate covered!"

The monkeys desperately attack . . .

. . . to no avail.

But more keep coming!

Okay, the gate will activate in one turn . . . I mean five minutes.

Dang gum monkeys.

The battle at the gate.

One . . . last . . . shot.

And a valiant Knight falls.

 And the gate activates as WWW is pushed through.

What a game! If you didn't guess, this was a 4 player game with hidden forces. Some special rules were continuous monkeys - once you killed one it came back in the next Movement phase. We also used hidden forces; neither side knew who their reinforcements were going to be except when they would show up by a hidden die roll. There was also a time limit as the new technology of the gates would automatically activate on turn 10 and turn off on turn 12.
Collective After Action Review and Lessons Learned:

1. Don't depend on your mystical powers to win the game! WWW really had some bad luck - except for one flame attack, she failed every attempt at a mystical power. Sometimes that's just the way it goes.
2. WWW kept forgetting to move the Winkies - loss of firepower and numbers. Also WWW thought that the WWW character should have gotten involved in more of the fighting.
3. It was a mistake to send Deputy Dan after WWW. The close quarters negated his arc pistols and WWW's poisoned knocked him down and he fell to his death when he failed his pluck.
4. Without Dan's armor and arc pistols, the marshals were almost overwhelmed and were on their way to losing when the Knight Templars showed up.
5. Pistols shooting, pistols shooting and pistols shooting saved the day for the good guys - the swords did not hurt either.

I want to give In Her Majesty's Name another two thumbs up. Where else could you have a game take place in Oz, involve the Earp Brothers and Doc Holiday, have powered armor, giant wolves, wicked witches, secret orders of knights, flying mechanical monkeys and the Winkies!

Looks like the tide might be turning in the war - but where is the Witch King of Sokur?