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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

IHMN: The US Marshals in the Land of the Winkies, Part 1 (Episode 5.5)

"I walk around our town and country and look these people in the eyes. It's just like someone's slappin' me in the face! These people are afraid to walk down the street with houses burning and strange creatures flying in the air, If we're gonna have a future in this country, it's gotta have some law and order"  - Virgil Earp addressing the US Marshals of Task Force Tombstone before they entered the modified Tesla gate.

The Wicked Witch of the West (WWW) has attacked the Gale Farm in Kansas and President Grover Cleveland has had enough with WWW's incursions into the United States. Thomas Edison has modified the gyroscope controls Professor Nightengale and Tesla's alternating-current (AC) system with his direct-current (DC) electric power on the only known American Tesla gate out in the wild, wild west. To quote the President:
"Contact the Marshal's office and activate Operation Looking Glass and tell them I want Task Force Tombstone. We are taking the fight to her . . . I want her dead or alive."

The Castle of the Wicked Witch of the West

WWW is high in her tower where she can coordinate the battle and use her powers to maximum effect.

The Winkies are guarding all entrances and are keeping a sharp lookout.

The mechanical monstrosities of WWW's flying monkeys are every where.
"Hey wait a minute - what's that piece of terrain that was put INSIDE the castle?" asks WWW. "Gargoyle, guard it and kill anything that comes out!"

The gate activates! ("Whew, glad I moved the gargoyle at the last minute", thinks WWW)

With guns a blazing, the US Marshals exit the gate. (For the game, the Marshals have the element of surprise and WWW can't move any figures in the first turn - but they can shoot and cause other mayhem!)

Deputy Marshal Adam Dan, looking stylish in his Pursuit armored suit, throws a strange piece of equipment as far as he can. (Grenade throwing rule - his powered armor makes him strong.)

How about a little fire, Scarecrow . . . I mean boys.

The flaming maelstrom has no effect as the Earps and Doc Holiday fire at the gargoyle.
"Yes Morgan."
"I left the bucket of water in the hobby room."
"Dang nab it!"

"Nick. Who left this bucket of water up here?"

Not only does the Gargoyle have the Numb talent, but it is also a Beserker and leaps right back into action to the dismay of the Federal law men.

 . . . meanwhile Deputy Dan moves toward the door of the castle, arc pistols drawn and ready.

"Check out that whatever it is," yells WWW, and if it blows up, you are easily replaced." (For this game we had a special rule of "Continuous monkeys." We figured since it's the fortress of WWW there would be plenty of flying monkeys; so if one is taken out, it comes back next turn.)

U.S. Deputy Marshal Grant Johnson takes cover from the Winkie fire (hee, hee) coming from the far corner of the castle.

The Winkies trying to pin down the Marshals.

"All is going according to my wicked plan."

Rooster Cogburn takes out one of the Winkie guard.

Grant plugs a Winkie (that just sounds wrong on so many levels).

"Why Mr. Gargolye. You look like someone just...walked over your grave."

The combined firepower of Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and Morgan Earp bring down the gargoyle.

What's that howling! Yikes, the mighty wolves of Oz doing the bidding of the evil WWW.

This does not look good as a third player enters the game . . . er . . . battle.

"I've got two barrels on this shotgun!"

Deputy Dan is ready to take on WWW but she stops him from using his arc pistols by moving into contact. Should have thought of that Deputy Dan.

"The meanest one is Rooster Cogburn. He is a pitiless man, double-tough, and fear don't enter into his thinking."

The wolves attack while a flying monkey checks out the mysterious device.

Cross-examining Lawyer: You came at him?

Rooster Cogburn: I did.

Cross-examining Lawyer: With the revolver in hand?

Rooster Cogburn: Yes.

Cross-examining Lawyer: Loaded and cocked?

Rooster Cogburn: Well if it ain't loaded and cocked it don't shoot.

Mayhem in the castle.
An overview of the action.

U.S. Deputy Marshal Grant Johnson takes out a monkey but the wolves move in . . .

Special rule: The monkeys keep coming back!

 . . . and back!
"Virgil! This is not looking good!" yells Wyatt.

I think Deputy Dan needs back-up. I hope there are not too many stairs.

"Virgil - look out!"

Wolves and monkeys everywhere try to overwhelm the steadfast US Marshals.

The mysterious watcher records what is happening.

"I keep forgetting to move these Winkies!"yells WWW.

Wolves and gun fire.

"Take that Deputy Dan!"
Ouch and out of the action.

 But what of the mysterious object?

In Part 2 we learn:

1. We shouldn't have forgotten that bucket of water.
2. Yes a wolf's bite is worse than their bark.
3. That is pretty bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.
4. Wow, that's a lot of monkeys.
5. Wyatt Earp is good with a gun.
6. Is there a fourth player waiting to make their entrance?

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  1. Brilliant stuff, I appreciate the way you weave so many story threads together - loads of fun!