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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Star Wars: Legion Rebel Pathfinders, Episode One

I'm having too much fun painting Star Wars: Legion Rebel figures. As mentioned previously, I'm planning on using them for Xenos Rampant as I am a big fan boy of Daniel Mersey's pioneering "Rampant" series and his rules in general. Unlike the other rebel boxes I bought, instead of seven figures this expansion has six figures. Bummer. The Pathfinders are the elite Rebel Infantry from Rogue One.

I forgot show earlier in my posts about the Star Wars: Legion figures how they come prior to painting. I purchased the box expansion sets and each figure came in a small zip lock bag and easy to follow instructions on how to put them together. Not a lot of options for the novice kit converter, but I may try some later with other figures. Above is the female Pathfinder. Interesting to me is that the figures in the Pathfinder box are all based on the actors who portrayed the troops in the Battle of Scariff during the movie Rogue One.

The actress Madeleine Domries played Corporal Rodma Maddel in Rogue One

Here are the pieces out of the bag: two arms, a body and a head. Each piece has a unique slot to fit the part correctly into the body. They also come with brown, circular bases

I didn't paint the uniform and equipment the same as from the movie Rogue One as I had already picked a uniform scheme for my force. ("Not too shabby he thought to himself.")

Speaking of uniform schemes, I've bee remiss in not mentioning the paints I used. I did all of the rebel figures from Star Wars: Legion with about 95.5% GW Contrast paints:

Primer: Krylon brand Flat White.
Uniform utilities, soft caps, helmets: Contrast Skeleton Horde.
Webbing, Boots, Ruck Sacks, Helmet Straps and Helmet highlights: Contrast Snakebite Leather.
Body Armor (flak vests), cloaks, knee pads and other reinforcing gear: Contrast Gore-Grunta Fur.
Caucasian Flesh: Contrast Darkoath Flesh with some highlights from Vallejo Dark Flesh.
Dark Flesh: Contrast Gore-Grunta Fur or Contrast Snakebite Leather highlighted with Vallejo Flat Brown.
Female Lips: An acrylic paint brand called Ceramcoat. I use Fuchsia.
Base Edges: Vallejo Chocolate Brown.
Weapons and other similar metal parts: Contrast Basilicanum Grey.
Alien Skin: Depends on the Alien! Mostly different Contrast Paints and I'll mention them when I get to the figure.

Sergeant Ruescott Melshi portrayed by the actor Duncan Pow in Rogue One and the Disney Plus Star Wars Series Andor.

The rescue of Jyn Erso from Imperial Custody in Rogue One.

I still need to touch up some of the facial hair.

Nothing like a closeup to see the touch-up on the face that is needed.

Lieutenant Taidu Sefia portrayed by actor Babou Ceesay.

Lieutenant Taidu Sefla: "They like you ma'am, but if you want to give a speech they'll have trouble respecting you. You're not military. You're not even Alliance."
Jyn Erso: "Not really my problem, is it?"
Lieutenant Taidu Sefla: "Hardly the right attitude,  ma'am."

Next: Alien Pathfinders and a Mystery.

Friday, October 28, 2022

WIP Star Wars: Legion Rebel Pathfinders

 “We are the best of the best . . . With honors, Sir!”

Rogue One! Now we’re talking. In the game Star Wars: Legion, the Rebel Pathfinders are best known for the Battle of Scariff. They are the elite: The first in and the last out . . . (Spoiler Alert!) well, they really don’t get out at the Battle of Scariff but you get the idea. As I have mentioned earlier, I may or may not purchase Star Wars: Legion as I am building forces for Xenos Rampant. But who knows?

Hey. This guy looks familiar. After doing some quick research (thank you Mr. Google) I found out that the figures are based on some of the actual actors who portrayed the Pathfinders in Rogue One. When I finish the figures, I'll have pictures to see how well I did!

The uniforms I painted are not the exact colors used in Rogue One, but they are pretty close. Since I already selected a uniform theme for my force, I decided to stick with it.

I'm impressed that there is a LEFT HANDED figure in the group. Obviously an alien.

Yep. Have to watch Rogue One again to see if I am even remotely close with how this alien looks. I love the weapon.

Now who doesn't want an angry frog in their unit spearheading the attack? Kermit would be so proud.

Well it's time to finish these great figures!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Star Wars: Legion Rebel Commandos

Next up in my (slowly) growing forces for Xenos Rampant are more figures from Star Wars: Legion. This time it is the Rebel Commandos expansion box which comes with 7 easily assembled hard plastic miniatures.

These figures are based on General Han Solo’s “strike force” at the Battle of Endor (where it was first confirmed that Stormtrooper armor is also useless against sticks and rocks) from the movie The Return of the Jedi.

With this group I experimented with “Alien” flesh colors.

I guess not everybody from Mon Calamari joined the Rebel fleet. Pretty cool marksman/sniper.


Thursday, October 20, 2022

Star Wars: Legion Rebel Troopers

These 28 mm figures happened to catch my eye the other day. They are the Rebel Troopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion. I have not played Star Wars: Legion but I have enjoyed 2 other games from Fantasy Flight Games - Wings of Glory and X-Wing. As a big Dave Mersey fan, I am eagerly awaiting the release of Xenos Rampant - and these guys look just right for what I want to do.

Here is the entire unit that you get in the expansion pack. A nice variety of realistic poses and I like the look and feel of the figures. They are very simple to put together; but, unless you are an expert, not a lot of opportunity for conversions other than possibly head swaps. And I am no way an expert! 

Size comparison with GW Space Marine.

I'm making a bold assumption that this is the leader as he has that distinguished leader look. Not a desk jockey by any means. I based the color of the google lenses on goggles I wore in my military service. And for your geek boys and girls out there (I'm one) he is carrying an A-280 Blaster Rifle.

It's no coincidence that he has salt and pepper facial hair just like your humble (BWAW HAH HAH!) author.

This soldier is armed with an MPL-57 Ion weapon. Based on the card that comes with the expansion, it looks like this weapon is useful against vehicles and armored units. Plus it looks cool.

Female soldier with an A-280 Blaster Rifle. One of the nice things about taking pictures of your miniatures is that you can see more details of what you have done if you have older eyes like me. I see (and I have actually done it already) that I need to add some flesh color above her upper lip.

This is the guy with the big blue head so he doesn't get head gear. I love that some of the figures have pads to reinforce the knees. I have no idea what this alien race is supposed to look like in Star Wars but I like the blue mottled look.

I don't know about you, but especially for skirmish games, I tend to name or give nicknames to my figures. Isn't great you don't have to grow up? This is Sven.

And of course this is Yukon Cornelius.

If it can bleed it can die." According to the card, this is a Z-6 blaster that he is carrying. I don't know the name of the character from Rogue One that carried a similar weapon (to me he is Mister shootie in the Face) but this really looks great. A nice support weapon for the infantry.

Okay, I had to look it up. And what he is wearing has potential for a future figure too! His name is Baze Malbus (I'm going to have to watch the movie again because I swear they never mention his name). Not the same weapon, but I bet it has similar effects.

I like how his Blaster Rifle is strapped to the pack.

In fact, "The Kid" (the guy with the Ion gun) also has a blaster strapped to his ruck which I think is a nice little detail.

This was the first unit, except for the bases, that I painted entirely with GW Contrast paints. I wanted a simple look for soldiers in the field.

Ready for action - either in the Star Wars Universe or in the future with Xenos Rampant.