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Sunday, December 31, 2023

15th Year Anniversary

On January 1, 2010 the first post of Toy Soldiers and Dining Room battles was published titled "The English Civil War Project." 

Thanks For All of Your Support!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all of my friends around the world!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

End of Year Update: How did the Abbreviated 2023 Plan go Colonel?

The Great Move of 2023 is over and I had abbreviated time to spend on my hobby. I have had more success with my hobby by developing a plan over the last few years and 2023 was no exception. The year was a little different though with abbreviated time this year due to the move. So let's get on with the plan and see what I did and add in the 4th Quarter. 

1. Paint miniatures for Ogre. I love Ogre. It was one of the first games I purchased as a youngster and Honorable Son #3 (The Pilot Engineer) loves the game and bought the latest version which is a lot bigger that the pocket sized edition I had!  So of course I bought him Ogre game miniatures for the game and now that I can throw a rock and hit where he lives, it'll be time for some giant cybernetic tank action. Before I moved, I did some test paints for him to see if they fit his vision and I'm glad to say that they did. Some white spray paint and GW contrast paints; hopefully it won't take me too long to finish the project . . . and I am looking forward to painting the Mark III and V Ogres.

The Mark V Ogre.

Heavy Artillery

2. The Northwest Frontier circa 1890. I use the rules The Men Who Would be Kings for my Colonial battles. My initial Indian Army is almost finished but the Pashtun/Afghan Tribal force is falling behind. 
 The 1st Tribal Infantry from the middle of last year.

    a.  Pashtun/Afghan Tribal force. When finished the core force will be:
        3 Irregular Infantry of 12 figures each.
        2 Tribal Infantry of 16 figures each.
        1 BFG.
The BFG.

I have completed one Irregular (Tribal) Infantry, 1/2 of the second Irregular (Tribal) Infantry unit, one Tribal Infantry unit and the BFG. My goal this year is to finish the 1 1/2 units of Irregular Infantry and one more Tribal unit. All of the figures (with the exception of the BFG crew) are hard plastic miniatures from Perry Miniature's Afghan Tribesmen Box.


   b. Indian Army. Before we decided to move I was planning on adding 1 Highlander unit, 1 Sikh unit and 1 Ghurka unit. I have scaled this back for this year and plan on painting the Gordon Highlanders. Miniatures will be from Perry Miniatures.

3. Learn/play at least two new miniature games (well new to me anyway)

Status: Pulp! I learned to play Pulp! and I personally think it is underrated - especially for $20 (US) and 64 pages plus an online addendum for Solo play from Osprey Publishing. I think the big problem is that most people did not get past the "basic" rules (which are basic) and move onto designing their own worlds. It is not pre-packaged like Pulp Alley - but it is worth the time and effort to add the chrome yourself if you don't want to spend the extra money.

The Mad Guru is back!

Warhammer 40K Fireteam: Fast fun and furious - GW wonderfully finds the right balance between miniatures and board games. Love it!

"Adeptus Astartes Primaris Assault Intercessors my fuzzy butt! We are, and always will be, IMPERIAL ASSAULT SPACE MARINES! For the Emperor (Long may he sleep!).

4. Play some games and meet new gamers
 Status: Now that we are settled I'm starting to meet some of the local gamers and some new action will be taking place in 2024! Now it's time to plan.