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Friday, September 15, 2023

Afghan Tribal Force Update #12c: The 3rd (The Mad Mullah's Own) Afridi Musketeers


Everyone grimace for the team photo!

Huzzah! I have finished 3 of 3 (Tribal) Irregular Infantry of 12 figures each for my core Pashtun/Afghan force for The Men Who would be Kings using the hard plastic Perry Miniatures Afghan Tribesmen box. The rest of my core force will be 2 Tribal units of 16 figures each (only 8 figures to go) and of course the BFG. Hopefully next year maybe some Tribal cavalry or Regular Afghan troops might arrive.

The Boss.

Okay, I'm going to show off a bit now. I really like the way the banner vignette turned out as there were some touch and go moments.

The first of the "shoot and scoot" stands.

The second "shoot and get ready to scoot" stand.

Every unit has one of "these guys".

"Shoot . . ."

" . . . reload . . ."

" . . . and scoot."

"What's that horrendous sound? Bagpipes?"

Next: Bydand!


  1. As a group they look very effective!

    1. Thanks and I agree. I think they look good together as a unit.

  2. Always nice to see you add units and figures to your collection.

    1. Thanks Khusru. I'm having a blast with this force and the Perry Hard Plastic miniatures make it fun to convert and customize the force.