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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Real Man (and Adventurous Women) Movie Review: Kim

Occasionally on Facebook I get inspired to write a Real Man (and Adventurous Women) Movie Review and let the reader decide if the movie is worth watching. One of my favorite novels is Kim, written by Nobel Prize winning author Rudyard Kipling (which is a real man and adventurous women author). I'm constantly asked to repost the review, and after watching the movie (and reading the novel) I was also inspired to do character figures from Kim to add to my games. Here is my review of the movie Kim:

Real Man (and Adventurous Women) Movie Review (SPOILERS!): Kim (1950).

1. Dean Stockwell! A very young Dean Stockwell.

2. Errol Flynn!

Kim and the "Red Beard" Mahbub Ali.

3. Paul Lukas!

4. Robert Douglas and too many other great stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Mahbub Ali and Colonel Creighton.

5. Always send a street wise, Indian street orphan to sneak into the women’s section to deliver a rendezvous note.

6. Hah! He’s not a street urchin, he’s Huckleberry Finn.

7. Using a huge cannon to play “King of the Mountain” and not a bicycle helmet in sight. You go boy!

8. I’m going to get a red hat like the lama’s so I can embarrass my family.

9. That boy can beg.

10. Errol Flynn, err, Muhbab Ali, looking good with the ladies.

11. Secret messages to start a war.

12. The Great Game!

13. Oh it’s the ole tying up the conspirator and letting him get shot trick.

14. Ouch. That blade in the chest must have hurt. (Note to self: Errol Flynn is good with blades.)

14. That kid just said the best insult about someone’s heritage.

15. No wonder. He’s Irish.

16. Suck it up Kim. We all had to go to school.

17. I take it back. That insult was better.

18. Muhbab Ali with the ladies again.

19. Spy school!

20. Wow. Kim is the King of insults.

21. Yep. That’s a bad guy.

22. I’ve got to start writing these insults down.

23. Never beat a holy man; especially if you are Russian spies in India.

24. It’s the ole sneak up on him when he is looking over the cliff and grab him by the ankles and flip him over the cliff trick.

25. Admit it guys. We wish we could all look like Errol Flynn.

26. Fatal Mistake: “You can’t shoot both of us.”

Guess which Russian Spy gets shot point blank in the chest with a jezail?

27. Oh. He does shoot both of them.

28. Elephant Artillery!

One of the great classic adventure, but even this pales in comparison to probably Rudyard Kipling's (in my opinion) greatest novel Kim. Nothing compares to the rich tapestry of his words as he describes India, it’s cultures and it’s people. They don’t just give out Nobel Prizes in Literature to anyone. Read the book, then watch the movie.

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