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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

June Hollywood Break: Part 2 of Thugees and Tigers and Sikhs! Oh My!

 Originally published on 1/15/2020.

"Ahhhh! He got me." SGT Cutter using good ole' fashion British steel against a member of the S-Fan Tong.

 RECAP of Part 1:

The Sergeant's Three and Gunga Din have located the Mad Guru's hidden Thuggee Temple where they have found some "treasure" but are trapped in the tower. Subedar Bikram Singh, IOM and the 14th Sikh Special Action Company (SSAC) have been sent to rescue them. Needless to say, the Mad Guru is a bit put out that his secret temple and plans were discovered and is now attempting to destroy the Sergeant's Three, Gunga Din and the 14th SSAC. Oh . . . did I mention that the Chinese Si-Fan Tong under the leadership of Fu Manchu's daughter Fah Lo Suee also want the treasure and brought a tiger too?  So far the battle has commenced, both sides have taken losses and the Mad Guru has lost his second in command. Let Turn 3 of this 4 player game commence:

 The Mad Guru gets the initiative again (darn "10's") and his followers decide that hand to hand combat will be more successful than facing the firepower of the 14th SSAC.

 Meanwhile on the right flank of the 14th SSAC, the Sikhs advance cautiously now that a tiger and cobra are moving toward them.

 The two evil leaders . . . the "5"was Fah Lo Suee's Initiative roll.


 Both wild animals engage members of the 14th SSAC (how does that basket move?) . . .

The mighty warrior Sardi moves into base to base contact with the Sikh sapper with the Congreve Rocket gun.

 In a bold move, SGT Cutter leaps from the top of the temple, successfully rolls Pluck to survive the jump, and engages the Mad Guru.

 SGT Mac and Ballentine are still fighting the dangerous members of the Tong.

 Fah Lo Suee decides to move away, even though she has the "Unearthly Beauty" talent, from the impending fight between SGT Cutter and the Mad Guru. Being the treacherous type, she doesn't want to help her ally too much!

 Just another shot of the tiger - the first one I ever painted. Since he is in the base to base contact, the member of the 14th SSAC cannot use his arc rifle.

  Havildar Japji Sahib inspires the men on his flank while the Sikh sniper looks for a target.

 A loyal follower of the Mad Guru rushes to help him. Will he be in time?

 Gunga Din continues to toot away.

 KAPOW! The Indian Army deserter is felled by the Quartermain Sniper rifle.

 Beware the old man in a young man's profession.

 He really did not stand a chance against Subedar Bikram Singh, IOM and the Khanda Sword of Justice.

 Agghhh! Poison snake bite!

 In a remarkable turn of events, The mighty warrior Sardi is slain by the Sikh sapper.

 Yikes! The 14th SSAC is starting to drop like flies!

 Another one is down . . . are our heroes doomed?

 In a PG-13 heart wrenching scene, The Mad Guru uses his Mystical powers to rip out SGT Cutter's heart. Very messy.

 Well, at least one Chinese bandit bit the dust.

 All four sides took losses: The casualties of the 14th SSAC and The Sergeant's Three.

 The Mad Guru casualties.
 And one dead expert martial artist Thunder Warrior.

An action packed turn and possibly the pivotal turn of the game. In the conclusion we learn:

1. Tiger or sword? I report, you decide.
2. Gold treasure? What gold treasure?
3. The remaining sergeants are really angry.
4. Be careful who you follow: all may not seem as it really is.

Friday, June 24, 2022

June Hollywood Break: Part 1 of Thugees and Tigers and Sikhs! Oh My!

 Originally published on 1/12/2020

Sergeant Archibald Cutter on point.


"Subedar Bikram Singh", began Colonel Dugald Armstrong, VC, DSO, etc., "We have found the location of the Mad Guru and his murderous band of thugees and deserters. I want you and the 14th Sikh Special Action Company to eliminate this threat."
"Yes Colonel sahib."
"There is one problem Subedar. Those idiots . . . um, The Sergeants Three and the Regimental beastie, Gungee Din may be trapped there looking for gold, a mysterious map or who knows what."
"At all costs the Mad Guru must be destroyed!"

As mentioned in the previous post, this is a big game with 4 players: One commanding the 14th Sikh Special Action Company (SSAC), one The Mad Guru, one playing The Sergeants Three and Gunga Din, and surprise: one player controlling the devious Fah Lo Suee, the daughter of Fu Manchu with elements of the Si-Fan Tong. Oh and did I mention there was a tiger and poisonous cobra too?

Let the fun begin.

All figures have been placed with the Sikhs to the left, minions of the Mad Guru in the center with the Mad Guru and the Si-Fan Tong behind them. In the Thugee Temple are The Sergeant's Three with Gunga Din and the treasure near the back entrance of the temple.

Turn 1!

 Part of the14th SSAC, under the command of Subedar Bikram Singh begin their advance on their left flank. Note the Congreve Rocket gun in the background.

 The rest of the 14th Sikh SSAC advance on their right flank. Note the "Quartermain" sniper rifle carried on the left of the picture.

 Thugees and Indian army deserters, under the watchful eye of the Mad Guru's deadly bodyguard Sardi advance from their ambush positions. The Martini rifles of the deserters will add some much needed fire power to the forces of the Mad Guru.

 Our heroes are prepared for any attack . . .

 . . . but they were surprised by the arrival of Chinese criminals!

 Thugee hand to hand fighters run into contact to avoid the firepower of the Sikhs while the riflemen back them up.

 Chota, the military leader for the Mad Guru, also advances with his trained, poisonous cobra. Some strange mystical power allows it to move while staying in its basket.

Fah Lo Suee observes the movement. Who knows what is going on in her devious mind?
 "Mad? Mad. Hannibal was mad, Caesar was mad, and Napoleon surely was the maddest of the lot. Ever since time began, they've called mad all the great soldiers in this world. Mad? We shall see what wisdom lies within my madness. For this is but the spring that precedes the flood. From here we roll on. From village to town. From town to mighty city. Ever mounting, ever widening, until at last my wave engulfs all India!"

 The Thugees continue to advance trying to catch the 14th SSAC in a pincer movement.

The 14th SSAC yells their battle cry: Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akaal! (One will be blessed eternally who says that God is the ultimate!)

 Figures at the end of the movement phase.

Pop that chap, somebody!

Fires and misses!

 The fools!

 Yikes! One of the Thunder Warriors has the power of flight!

  . . . and another group is just down below.

Thugee rifleman fire at the Sikhs.

 While one fanatic is knocked down due to volley fire.

The arc rifle finishes off a Thuggee (note the portable arc generator on the backpack; thus this figure cannot run).

 The grenadier fires (no it is not a Lewis MG, it's a Congreve Rocket launcher!).

Two Indian Army deserters are caught in the blast . . .

One survives and the other doesn't.

 The Sikh soldier with the Brimble "Bumble Bee" Light Machine Gun is fatally hit (and of course I forgot to have another figure get the machine gun!).

 While parrying a thrust, SGT Cutter slips and falls down . . .

. . . while SGT 'Mac' MacChesne, being the man that he is, takes on two Si-Fan Tong martial arts masters at once. A furious melee ensues with neither side give an inch. Fortunately Gunga Din and his bugle was able to inspire him.

Figures removed at the end of Turn One: one Thugee, one Indian Army Deserter and one Sikh with light machine gun.

Turn 2:

 The Mad Guru gets the initiative and his loyal follower leaps to his feet . . .

 And is immediately engaged by Subedar Bikram Singh, IOM and the Khanda Sword of Justice.

The rest of the unit continues to advance through the engagement zone. Hey, where did that cobra come from?

 Ignore the painting table behind the curtain; that's where the magic starts.

 Havildar Japji Sahib leads the men in some ferocious hand-to-hand combat.

 SGT Thomas 'Tommy' Ballantine joins SGT MacChesney as the odds start to add up in the Chinese criminal gang's favor.

 SGT Cutter leaps up and puts some British steel in the criminal.

 Who brought a Tiger to a gun and sword fight?

 Oh . . . that's right. She owns a tiger. Her talents are also Martial Arts, Meticulous Planning (that's what moved her gang so quickly), and Unearthly Beauty. Her Mystical Powers are Dragon Talons and Mesmerism (which so far has been unsuccessful).

  The menacing bodyguard and deadly warrior Sardi moves closer to the Sikhs. This is not good news for the 14th SSAC.

 The villainous pair.

 Instead of using the Khanda Sword of Justice, Subedar Bikram Singh, IOM just shoots the Thugee with his trusty pistol.

 A member of the 14th SSAC is ambushed and shot at close range.

 Meanwhile Chota takes one right between the eyes, activating the special Fah Lo Suee Special Rule: Treacherous! She decides not to switch sides and stays with the Mad Guru.

 Chota's cobra and the tiger move toward the Sepoy who killed Chota.

 Naik Gurmukhi Aarini continues to clear the ridge with his arc rifle.

 SGT Ballentine plugs one of the Chinese bandits.

 Figures removed at the end of Turn 2 . . . 

 . . . and the Thugee second-in-command. Things are looking good for the British Raj.

In Part 2 we learn:

1. Events can change quickly!
2. Someone put in a "heart wrenching" scene.
3. Cobra's have poison and Tigers have teeth.
4. Beware the old warrior in a young man's profession.
5. Gold? What gold?