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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June Hollywood Break: The Prelude of Thugees and Tigers and Sikhs! Oh My! (Episode 6.1.1)

 Originally published 1/9/2020.

"Subedar Bikram Singh", began Colonel Dugald Armstrong, VC, DSO, etc., "We have found the location of the Mad Guru and his murderous band of thugees and deserters. I want you and the 14th Sikh Special Action Company to eliminate this threat."
"Yes Colonel sahib."
"There is one problem Subedar. Those idiots . . . um, The Sergeants Three and the Regimental beastie, Gungee Din may be trapped there looking for gold, a mysterious map or who knows what."
"At all costs the Mad Guru must be destroyed!"

This is going to be a big game with 4 players: One commanding the 14th Sikh Special Action Company (SSAC), one The Mad Guru, one playing The Sergeants Three and Gunga Din and surprise: one player controlling the devious Fah Lo Suee, the daughter of Fu Manchu with elements of the Si-Fan Tong. Oh and did I mention there was a tiger and poisonous cobra too?

 Fah Lo Suee and the Si-Fan Tong. Who brought the Tiger?!!

The objectives are fairly straight forward: for the 14th SSAC and The Mad Guru they are operating under the scenario "The Last Man Standing"; in other words, wipe out your nemesis. For the Sergeants Three and Fah Lo Suee with the Si-Fan Tong the objective is to get the treasure token off the board.

 The 14th SSAC.

 The Mad Guru and his followers.

Gunga Din and The Sergeants Three! Note: The Sefgeant's Three special leader rule will not be in effect at the start of the game as a Subedar outranks a British NCO.

 The terrain and the initial set-up.

"Now you're all under arrest. Her Majesty's very touchy about having her subjects strangled. Let the game commence!"

1. The initial moves.
2. The Indian deserters are pretty tough!
3. Cobra? What Cobra?
4. Gotta love those sniper rifles . . . and arc rifles . . . and congreve rocket launchers.
5. Dang thugee swords!


  1. Looks like just the kind of thing I am trying to achieve in my Pulp games Neil...look forward to reading how it went....although I could cheat and search your blog archive for the original posts!

    1. Thanks! I think Pulp should be fun and not taken too seriously. NO SPOILERS ALLOWED or The Shadow will get you.

  2. Replies
    1. I knew there was something I forgot!