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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reaper Miniatures' Santa Claus

I was recently introduced to Reaper Miniatures about 1 month ago by Honorable Son #5.  How I did not notice the range before is beyond me.

One of their ranges is Chronoscope; a collection of "generic" miniatures for many Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Wild West, Steampunk and other genres.  There is nothing generic about them.  They are clean sculpts that have nice animation.  One of them is Santa Claus, my gift to my mom this year.

Santa comes with a slotta base and was a joy to paint.  Ho, Ho, Ho.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015: The Year of the War Poodle with Irishmen and Steampunk Dark Age Saxons

The year 2015 was definitely an interesting one in the great state of Alabama. My priority was the good ole job search as my previous position had been eliminated during a corporate restructuring. Fortunately it did not take me long to find a new position and my unabated love for gaming continued, unh, unabatedly?

Okay, roll the highlights in no particular order:

1. Dux Bellorum. What a great game and great title for Dark Age Britain.

 2. The War Poodle and other War Poodle sightings.

3. Completing the Irish Regiments for Montrose's Royalist Scottish Army.

4. Returning to those fun filled days of youth with In Her Majesty's Name.

5. Gaming the English Civil War using Victory Without Quarter.

6. World War II action.

 I ask for God's blessings on all for 2016 and keep painting and rolling those dice!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

More X-Wing

On Christmas Day Honorable Son #3 challenged me to a game of X-Wing.  Since I lost the first game, we played another.  Since I lost the second game - I read the rules for Slave 1 and plotted my revenge while watching a movie!  (BWAH HAH HAH!)

 Wishing I had Slave 1 to go up against Luke in his X-Wing.

Honorable Son #3 was Luke in an X-Wing.

Action on the table. A hex map is not required for the game; it's just the only space-like surface we had.

 The blue cross marker means Luke has targeted an enemy ship . . . 

  . . . and here is the ship that is targeted.  In addition the Tie Fighter has a stress marker for conducting a highly, well, stressful maneuver.

 Pweh! Pweh! Pweh! Pweh!

 Nicely detailed, painted ships come with the game.

 Pweh! Pweh! Pweh! Pweh!

 Here is when Honorable Son #4 almost was blown into cosmic dust.  He accidentally turned into the pursuing Tie Fighters and then tried to kick in the after burners.

I had both of my Tie Fighters flanking him with bonus shots for being in close range!  Of course, all six laser blasts missed.

 Another one bites the dust! Kablamo!

 An example of the detail in the X-Wing.

Somebody was not on Santa's Naughty list!

Does my family know me or what! (Okay, my mom did send me a sweatshirt too and it's perfect!)

 The loot that came down the chimney! 

From Honorable Son #2 and his beautiful Wife is one of the coolest spaceships in the Galaxy: Boba Fett's Slave 1.  If you haven't tried playing X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games you are definitely missing out.

From Honorable Son #3 and his Sweet Fiance comes Heroes, Villains and Fiends. This the first supplement for one of my favorite game's In Her Majesty's Name (IHMN).  It provides more talents, mystical powers, weapons and weird science for the late 19th Century.  There are also more companies from Africa, North America and Europe.

From Honorable Son #1 and his wife the Future Doctor are these beautiful miniatures from Warlord Games and Eureka Miniatures.  They are the Hollywood versions of Lt. Chard, Lt. Bromhead, Colour Sergeant Bourne and Private Hook from the movie Zulu.  And since Lt. Caine and Lt. Baker are members of The Queen's Own Africa Rifles I think they be making an appearance soon in the world of IHMN.

Honorable Son #4 provided this fun to play and easy to learn card game known as The Resistance.  It took about 10 minutes to read the rules and another 5 minutes to teach everyone else to play.  Who would have known that my Beautiful Bride would be the spy to bring down the Resistance?

Another great gift from Honorable Son #1 and his wife the Future Doctor. The world famous Consulting Detective and the Good Doctor have been showing up in IHMN.

Honorable Son #5 provided me two good movies: Miracle and Fury.

Santa (or was that my Beautiful Bride?) brought two packs of British Constables to help out the world famous Consulting Detective and the Good Doctor.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

World War II Black and White

I'm continuing to have fun by converting some of our World War II pictures to black and white images:

 German Kampgruppe commander
 German Tigers in Normandy
 German Command groups in Normandy
Soviet KV-1 tanks conducting a counterattack
 Soviet Command Post
 Soviet Naval Infantry Battalion Commander
 Soviet Katusha Rockets
 German assault guns move into position

 German Stukas attack a Soviet formation
 Tiger in overwatch
 Tiger Company Commander

Tiger moving through the village