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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Favorite Figures I Painted in 2023, Part 1

 It was a great, but shorter year for painting due to "The Great Move." Most tragic of all was the disappearance of Charlie, on of my stalwart agents and all around good guy. But don't worry - there is a Pulp campaign coming up in 2024 to find out what exactly happened to Charlie.

The last known photo of Charlie after "The African Adventure."

Each year I like to showcase (brag) my favorite figures I painted each year. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Sam.

Technically Sam is not a new figure - but he did get a makeover. If Sam is going to find his old partner Charlie, I want him looking spiffy. I decided to repaint Sam without removing him from his original base. With the complexity of doing that and they way he turned out - Sam is on the list.

2. Pashtun/Afghan Tribal Leader.

There is no big secret that I am a big fan of the Perry Miniatures Afghan Tribesman hard plastic miniatures. I have never been a great modeler or very good at converting figures, but I am having a blast with them and I really like how this figure turned out to be one of the leaders for my Pashtun/Afghan Tribal Force for The Men Who would be Kings.

3. Pashtun/Afghan Flag Bearer.

Speaking of conversions, I ran out of Flag Bearers for my Tribal Force. After some careful cutting, filing and drilling I was able to convert the above figure into a Flag Bear for one of my "shooter" units.

3. Another Pashtun/Afghan Flag Bearer.

This is one of the running figures that is not really designed to be a standard bearer - put I thought it would be perfect for a band of scream, sword wielding tribesmen charging the infidel.

4. K2SO.

Everyone's favorite droid from Rogue One, K2SO was a joy to paint. I'm slowly building up forces for Xenos Rampant and I wanted K2SO to match the theme I had already selected.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! That conversion is one of my all time favorites.

  2. Nice work Neil and good to read a Pulp campaign is in the offing - I look forward to following that!

    1. Determined detectives, dangerous dames, mechanical monsters, Nazis, an evil mastermind determined to take over the world and eliminate the competition - plus a gang of do-gooder vigilante dogs? What more could you ask for in a Pulp Campaign?