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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sneak Preview: The Wild, Wild West

Come back to the times of Yesteryear and journey back to the Town of Golden Nugget.

The town of Golden Nugget has grown up around the famous McLaren Goldmine. The fine citizens of the town live in harmony and the peace is enforced by Sheriff Dillon (also known as Honorable Son #5!).

Trouble is brewing on the horizon . . . the meanest, most ornery rattlesnake west of the Pecos has heard of the riches in the area. That's right, El Dorado and his gang are planning a brazen, daylight robbery of the gold from McLaren's mine.

The exciting shootout is going to be played with the free rules, Blaze of Glory, available from the great website Freewargamerules located at:

Blaze of Glory is a miniature based, Wild West Skirmish war game. It is intended to be a fast and enjoyable game, with quick learn rules, so that both experienced wargamers and novices may get to grips with it as soon as possible. It is a quasi-historical game, aiming to capture the atmosphere of the movies and popular imagery, rather than give an accurate simulation of Wild West life. There is something here for all gamers, so go on don your spurs, load your six shooter, give a rousing 'Yippee Ky-ay!' and give it a go.

Hey, this is a no parking zone!


Deputy Bill.

Stealing the gold!

Baron von Furstenberg observes the Wild West up close and personal!

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