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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bases . . . and Perry Miniatures ECW Cavalry WIP #3

I had a friend ask me a while back how I do my bases.  I am a firm believer that a good base can make an average paint job (mine) look fantastic.  Here is my "generic" temperate area base using GW paints (old color in parentheses):

1. I use either hobby sand or a resin - pumice mix that is easy to apply and paint.  I was out of the resin - pumice mix so I used hobby sand this time around.  I liberally apply white glue slightly watered down and spread it all over the base.  I then spread the sand over the entire base and I let it dry at least overnight.  When I use the resin - pumice mix I also let it dry overnight.

2.  Next I paint the sand using Rhinox Hide (Scorched Brown).

3. After it is dry, I "wet brush" with Mournfang Brown (Bestial Brown).  Pause as I stop laughing at the new GW names for paint.

4.  Next step is to dry brush with Ushabti (snicker!) Bone (Bone White).

5. Now pull out the ole white glue again.  I use just regular Elmer's glue to add static grass to the bases.

 I use two different brands for static grass depending on which is cheaper at the moment:  GW's and Gale Force Nine.

Gale Force Nine is the cheaper right now and has a greater variety of colors.

I do not use hummus on my bases, but plastic containers are easier to use to store and apply the static grass on bases.

I put blobs of white glue in random patterns around the base and then I use a brush with water on it to thin the glue and spread it around.  With sand, I make sure the glue is spread on the bases of the figures to hide the base.  With the resin mix, I cover the base.

 Globs of glue.

Globs of glue watered down and spread around.

6. Take the bases and either sprinkle the static grass on the base or put the base in the pile of static grass and allow it to spread around. 

7.  Shake off the loose static grass over your container.

8.  Optional is to add tufts of grass, available at most hobby shops or extra rocks.  I glue the tufts and any other scenic material using super glue.  

Tah dah!  All done.  The process does not take long.  I put the sand on yesterday and did all of the painting, etc. throughout the afternoon while I waited for paint and glue to dry.  The actual total work time was probably about 45 minutes. Now all I have to do is apply a flat clear protective coating . . . and get some command figures for these troops!