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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dux Bellorum Late Roman Army

Ever since I read Rosemary Sutcliff's novels about ancient Britain (The Eagle of Ninth, The Silver Branch, The Lantern Bearers, The Sword at Sunset, The Shining Company, etc!) I have had a fascination with the Late Roman era in the West and Dark Age Britain.  With the publishing of Dux Bellorum I have found a game that I truly enjoy for gaming a period that I enjoy so much.

I have completed my first army and now it is time to show off!

The might of a Rome, starting to fade but still packs a punch.

My General and Dux Bellorum (Leader of Battles) with his mounted comitatus.


The bulk of the Roman infantry is "Shield wall".  They can be superior infantry ("noble" in game terminology),ordinary or a combination or the two. I have four units for my army.

I have three cavalry units:  Cataphract (though actually they are modeled as the Clibinarri with bows), Riders and mounted Skirmishers with javelins. The riders can also be superior cavalry ("nobles").

Last but not least are my bow armed infantry and skirmishers.  I made 2 stands of bows; when separate they will be foot skirmishers with bows and when combined they will be bows.  In addition I have a foot skirmisher unit armed with javelins.

Now to finish those Saxons that keep raiding Britain . . .


  1. Great looking troops! The colours are simply stunning. I think those Saxons are in for a hard time!
    Best wishes,

  2. Great looking army! Very nicely done.

  3. A great looking army with vibrant colors, great work!

  4. Great Work! I like the colours. What's the difference between the noble and the normal shieldwall? Are the nobles armoured? Or are they different in painting? I am trying to paint a late roman army in 10 mm.