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Thursday, March 24, 2016

IHMN: Tune up game for "Meanwhile in North Piddle . . ."

  "What the . . . ?"  Yi Niu, greatest swords woman of China, discovers a strange structure as she races ahead as the vanguard of General Raglan's company.

On December 17, 1896 there was an earthquake in the region that "exceeded in violence any previous instance of seismic energy there within the present century".  The earthquake was preceded by a loud roar "as of thunder" or "a rushing mighty wind", and residents whose windows were facing north saw a "great light", which some attributed to a large meteor . . . but that is a game for another day.

 North Piddle

We were ready to play our game of In Her Majesty's Name (IHMN) with the mysterious goings on in North Piddle but unfortunately my friend Tom (the best TIE fighter pilot in the galaxy) came down with a stomach virus and was unable to attend with his son and daughter. Since our game is going to have four companies with me playing "independent"characters, Honorable Son #5 and myself played a smaller version of the scenario.  Thus General Raglan's Imperial Chinese Army would compete with Honorable Son #5's Witch King of Sokur (BWAH HAH HAH!)

 The Witch King with his bad boys in black: A melee company with an ancient mystical leader.

Both companies would have separate objectives: The Witch King is looking for the lost shield of Perseus while General Raglan is seeking a high efficiency electro-magnetic coil - both of which are located within the ruined manor near the village of North Piddle and worth 20 victory points.  In addition there are the usual victory points for killing the other leader, taking out poor minions, etc.

The Shield of Perseus is hidden in the tomb while the electro-magnetic coil is on a desk in the library.

The Witch King is aware of a secret entrance to the ruined manor while General Raglan will be approaching from the main street through North Piddle.

General Raglan's Company: High tech and modern weaponry mixed with martial arts.

Adding fun to the mix is the Mummy which has the possibility of appearing in a room that is explored by a random die roll.  The Mummy has the stats as presented in IHMN name with the mystical power of Clouding Men's mind.  As we would find out later, the Mummy will play a major role in the game . . . 

 The Mummy (Woah!).

On with the game!

 Chinese riflemen cover Yi Niu as she crosses the bridge over Piddle Brook.

The Witch King's troglodytes and yeti cross a ford and head toward the secret entrance.

Yi Niu's speed allows her to reach the ruined manor first.

One of the Chinese soldiers flank the rivals and starts firing.

The advance guard rushes toward the secret entrance and cover while the Witch King decides to split his forces and engage the Chinese.

As the soldiers take up position, General Raglan directs the engineer Yang Wei to get his arc rifle ready to fire at the onrushing horde.

As the troglodytes and yeti discover, there is a mummy in the room! 

 Unhindered and using her speed and agility, Yu Niu dashes through the manor while the mummy delays her competition.

 Furious hand to hand combat as the mummy takes on all comers.  His "Numb" talent shrugs off the first hit forcing his opponents to gang up on him as he blocks the exit from the room.

 "What a lovely view!" Then the arc rifle broke (how about that unmodified die roll of "1").

"Got 'em." Another troglodyte bites the dust from rifle fire while Yang Wei repairs his arc rifle.

The troglodytes run toward the Chinese, making them harder to hit and to take advantage of their numbers in close up fighting.

A Chinese soldier is cut down.

Yi Niu opens the door and discovers the electro-magnetic coil on the desk.

The Witch King reaches out with his power of "mesmerism" forcing a Chinese soldier to make an immediate move and attack General Raglan!
"Look out!"  General Raglan easily knocks the rifle of his man out to way and smacks him with flat of his sword breaking the hold the Witch King has on him.

"Hah!  You will tremble and be amazed by my girth!"

Battle is joined as bayonets and swords clash.  General Raglan has the "Duelist sword talent" giving him a +2 in fighting . . . it was not pretty for the troglodytes.

  . . . meanwhile the mummy still holds it own against all comers!

Yi Niu recovers the electro-magnetic coil while battle rages on elsewhere.

The yeti starts to get bored wishing he could get to that door . . . 

More troglodytes and the Witch King join the fray as their numbers start to make a difference.

Another victim of the cursed blade carried by the Witch King.

Troglodytes to the left and right fall before the girth and skill of General Raglan's swordsmanship. In addition to the Duelist talent he is also has Inspirational and Fanatic.

Yi Niu moves skillfully back to entrance . . . her talents include Duelist (sword), Lightning Draw (sword), Martial Arts and the mystical powers of Dragon Wings and Levitate.  No wonder she had no trouble in the ruins.

Yep.  In the longest fight of the game the trogs and the yeti try to gang tackle the mummy.

Yang Wei finally fixes the arc rifle and realizes he better join the fight and do something.  He will successfully fry a troglodyte and almost takes out the Witch King with a lightning blast from his arc rifle with portable arc generator.

Finally the two mighty opponents meet . . .

  . . . and General Raglan exits the game.

One of the Witch King's henchmen confronts Yu Niu and tries to stop her.  Can anyone spell sushi?  It does not end well for the troglodyte.

And that is when the game ended with Yu Niu flying over the heads of her opponents and escaping with the electro-magnetic coil.  A Pyrrhic victory and she and the engineer Yang Wei leave their fallen leader on the streets of North Piddle.  Another fun, fast and exciting game that flowed back and forth like and adventure story.  The big surprise was the mummy who stopped the Witch King's forces (wait for it) "dead" in their tracks with some incredible moves and rolls of the die.


  1. Great batrep, and what looks like a really fun game.

    Cheers Roger,

  2. Thanks Roger. In Her Majesty's Name has rapidly grown to be one of our favorite games.

  3. Thanks for sharing that Neil.
    I really love all the old timey GW and Heroquest terrain on your table, I still use a lot of that myself.
    If you like card models have you tried Dave Graffam's designs?
    I shall look forwards to reading more of your battle reports.
    Craig Cartmell

  4. Just brilliant! Big fan of IHMN!

  5. Wonderful combination of forces! An excellent illustrated battle report.

  6. Excellent figures and terrain, looks like a good game was had!