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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Miss Nightengale

Miss Nightengale and her famous father Professor Nightengale.

From Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope range of figures comes their Mad Scientist (Female) sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.  I thought the figure would be perfect for In Her Majesty's Name as the brilliant and responsible daughter of the brilliant but less than responsible (as proven by many outings) Professor Nightengale.

The figure is designed for a slotta base and comes with one but I decided to remove (very carefully) the metal tab and mount it on wood. All paints are Vallejo unless specifically mentioned. I applied a coat of thinned down Flat Black as the primer. I then painted most of the figure with Flat Brown and then part of the dress with GW Khorne Red. The face and right hand received a coat of Dark Flesh.

Next up is the blouse which received a coat of Buff while the vest and most of the skirt is painted with US Field Drab.  I went back several times to paint the highlights with about a 1 - 4 mix of Flat White and US Field Drab. You can see above that the next step for the blouse is to highlight with Vallejo Flat White. Watered down GW Ratskin Flesh was applied as a wash on the face and hand and then when dry the high points were painted again with Dark Flesh.

The blouse is finished with Flat White though I would go back and add some highlights a couple times. The hair I gradually built up by mixing Red and Yellow and the highest points of the face and hands were painted with GW Elf Flesh.  The lips are watered down red.  The fun was painting the armored fist which I experimented by mixing Flat Brown with GW Shiny Gold.  I was extremely pleased with the result.

As I started to paint what I refer to as the arc rifle I decided to try mixing Silver with GW Ultramarine Blue to get a blue metallic look.  Success! 

 I took some time getting the brooch right with a mix of Red and Yellow and just a little bit of white over GW Shiny gold.  I usually don't paint eyes this days preferring to leave them shadowed but I took the challenge this time.  I simply painted the eye area black, then white inside and then a black dot. The rest of the arc rifle is shiny gold mixed with Buff.

 I save pieces of junk I find and left over bits.  I assembled four pieces together and ta dah - instant arc generator!  The piece sticking up right is a Gripping Beast mace.

  I highlighted the belt with a mix of white and gray and then painted the buckle and keys with Silver.

 The upright generator rod conductor thingie was painted white and then given generous coating with GW Blue Wash that I bought in Nussloch, Germany in 1998. The arc rifle is highlighted with Sky Blue and GW Shiny Gold.

"What's that sound?"

A new adventure?


  1. Excellent paint job.

    You can't go wrong with Reaper miniatures.

    1. Amazing as it might seem I only recently discovered Reapers Miniatures when one of my sons gave me their Yeti for a birthday present last year. Great miniatures indeed.

  2. Fantastic looking girl! You´re a master in painting! I am so impressed, great!