Friday, May 29, 2020

IHMN: Some thoughts for the Beginner in Designing an Adventuring Company, Part 11 (Official Adventuring Companies I have used)

If you want to look at some ideas on how to design your own Adventuring Company, you can't go wrong by using or looking at the Companies that are published in In Her Majesty's Name, Heroes, Villains and Fiends, Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun, and IHMN: Gothic, and the official IHMN Blog page. Having read every story and novel that Sir Arthur Conan (the barbarian) Doyle wrote about Sherlock Holmes, what better Company to start with than Scotland Yard from IHMN?

Sherlock Holmes (The Consulting Detective), Dr. Watson (The Good Doctor), and the men of the Metropolitan Police force.

This is probably a good time to say it, especially with a force like Scotland Yard: YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR TALENTS IF YOU WANT TO WIN! I am so bad at forgetting to use my Talents that I now have little markers off to the side of the table to remind me. My Five Honorable Sons think it's hilarious.
Up next, the 14th Sikhs from IHMN but more specifically from Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.

 You have troglodytes? We have a Maxim.

Those of you that have followed this blog know that in addition to my ruggedly good looks, I am also a military historian. And oh how I love my Sikhs! This company has loyalty, good fighters, fire power and they just plain look cool.

We have a mountain gun too for those big monsters!

Okay, if you are keeping up I am: ruggedly good looking, a military historian . . . and a retired Infantry Colonel. Time for some more infantry! None of that wimpy mysticism for me (except for Amelie).

If you want some elite infantry that never surrender, the French Foreign Legion is for you. To add color you can have Zouaves, Chasseurs, Bedouin Tribesman, etc. In the official list, Professor Moebius (wearing the glasses) has potions that can give talents to the legionnaires. The trick is getting him in base to base contact with a legionnaire.

Tirailleur Senegala with Amelie


 Bedouin Tribesman

Maybe you want to go Medieval all over someone . . . but still carry a Winchester. How about the Knights Templar

 As you can see I started to get America into the fight so why not The Wild West Show? Any resemblance to the Magnificent Seven, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood is purely coincidental.

 Then I decided to get high tech and utilize some of that weird science with some of the most talented and dangerous men and women in the world: The United States Secret Service. High point cost so be prepared for a small Adventuring Company that needs to take advantage of their Talents and gadgets.

 The United States Secret Service.

If you are going to do Victorian Science Fiction, you might as well have one Victorian Science Fiction Adventuring Company. Here are my Sky Pirates of the former USS Audacity

The crew of the Audacity under Captain J. T. Kirk.

Do you want to go low tech with one of the greatest heroes of all time. Then try the Lord Greystoke (Tarzan) Adventuring Company from the IHMN blog. Plus, who doesn't love having a Mangani (Great Ape) and Elephant along for the ride?

Speaking of fighters in Africa, how about The Queens Own African Rifles . . . with a Congreve Rocket Launcher?

 And Quartermain (The Hunting Party).

 And who doesn't like men in skirts: The Gordan Highlanders. Bydand! (from Doric and means "to stand fast and endure").

 Okay . . . I did one official bad guy Company: Thugs and Dacoits.

Speaking of China . . . okay, I did not have a good segue way . . . The Martial Monks! The only company I ever did without a single gunpowder or weird science piece of equipment - but they are oh so fun to field.

From the Halls of Montezuma . . . How about some tough, ferocious U.S. Marines? Okay, I admit it, I did this Company because I loved the figures from Pulp Figures. Eventually they will join the contingent of the new recommissioned USS Audacity as their Marine Contingent.

 Last but not least, the United States Marshals.

Next: Adventuring Companies I designed.


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