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Monday, April 1, 2024

1st Quarter Update: How's the Plan going?


"This is what we will do in 2024."

I try to write my posts 2 to 3 weeks ahead; however, this year I knew that I might be traveling more than I usually do (where do these grandchildren keep coming from?) I did a lot of painting in January, a little in February and none in March. In fact, with my travel plans (which is a joy and a blessing) my plan may not go as I anticipated. Anyway . . . here is what I did in the 1st Quarter: 

Last known photograph of Charlie.

1. The Search for Charlie. During "Operation Big Move" last year Charlie disappeared. Sam, his partner, suspects foul play. Little does Sam know that his life will change - and possibly his quest will have world shattering effects.


     a. Pulp Campaign: Hard boiled detectives, dangerous dames, returning heroes, menacing mechanical monstrosities, Nazis, The Canine Corps of Justice, unnatural science experiments, ancient and mythical beings, and evil geniuses eliminating the competition so they can take over the world! Globetrotting Adventure! What more could you want?

     b. Sam needs a car; he is tired of walking.
        The model has been purchased.

     c. Figures need to painted.

        1). The new Shadow from Pulp Figures.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"

    2). The Woman in Red from Pulp Figures.

    3). Financing the search by making a "movie"; figures from Pulp Figures (are we starting to see a pattern?).

     4). Hollywood Nazis! (Yep, Pulp Figures).

    5). A "Pulp" era Joker and crew from Pulp Figures.

    6). If you are going to have a Pulp Joker, you have to have The Batman. A Heroclix conversion.

    7). The Movember Men. Each November Bob Murch of Pulp Figures sculpts a special figure to promote Men's Health that he will provide for any donation to the link on the Pulp Figures website. Past figures are still available and these gentlemen may show up in the search!

    8). Mysterious Additions:

    d. Scenery and terrain need to be made. (TOP SECRET).

        Still working on this and I know what I'm going to do.

2. The Northwest Frontier Uprising of 1897-1898.

"Death to the Infidels and hopefully he's a slow painter."

The tribes are ready. The Indian army is on the frontier - but they need reinforcements:

    a. One British (Anglo) infantry unit. Figures arrived!
    b. One Gurkha unit. Figures arrived!
    c. One Sikh infantry unit. Figures arrived!
    d. One British (Anglo) mountain gun. Figures arrived!
    e. Tribal Cavalry if @#%& Wargames Atlantic ever releases their hard plastic Afghan Tribal Cavalry. Wargames Atlantic surprised me and the box is now out. Need to order.

f. Major General Pavel Ivanovich Mishchenko of the Imperial Russian Army wants to know when his Cavalry Brigade will show up for the ongoing Anglo-Russian War. I don't think this is going to happen this year.

"When will the Trans-Baikal Cossack Brigade get here?"

3. The German Division in The Peninsular War. I plan on using WoFun Miniatures: Hesse-Darmstadt, Baden, the Dutch, minor German States and maybe some Poles just for fun. I have the figures but need to organize.

Confederation of the Rhine Battalion Number 3 (Frankfurt).

4. One Hour Wargames. Easy to learn and always a tactical challenge. One Hour Wargames is one of my favorite set of rules and I haven't played it in years. I used it to teach a history class for several years but I donated all of the armies I had to the school. I think it's time to play again - the big question is which period. My tired brain will have to ponder.

And the winner is: The English Civil War for OHW.

That's the big painting plan. There will be games, more Warhammer 40K Fire Team (yes they sucked me in), and hopefully some French and Indian War action. Now to get started!

No games yet - but in the future.


  1. A grand review of the first quarter! You have been busy that's for sure, some cracking figures on show. I like the idea of Wofun and will have to invest in some! Looking forward to seeing your OHW project too!

    1. I highly recommend WoFun. I wanted to get back into Napoleonic’s but didn’t want to spend the time painting. They have fast shipping and excellent Customer Service.

  2. A great review and lots of interesting plans Neil - enjoy the travelling and additional grandchildren!