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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sikh Infantry Unit

I have finished my Sikh Infantry unit that will be part of my Indian Army for both In Her Majesty's Name and The Men Who Would be Kings.  By the way you can pre-order The Men Who Would be Kings on Amazon and it will be delivered in the United States on September 22.

The figures are all from Artizan Designs' Second Afghan War range.  The Sikhs are from packs NWF 0105 - Sikh Infantry Advancing Afghan War and NWF0106 - Sikh Infantry Advancing II. Each blister pack comes with 4 random variants.  The British Officer is from pack NWF0010 - British Officers Afghan War which also includes 4 figures.

 I thought by using the British officer wearing the Poshteen and painting his puttees blue would have him stand out from the men he commands.

Regular infantry for The Men Who Would be Kings are 12 figures strong and as you can see are based individually which allows easy casualty removal.  In addition they be used for skirmish style games like In Her Majesty's Name.

Above is a size comparison of showing the Indian Army HMG from Copplestone Castings Back of Beyond range with Artizan Designs. They match perfectly for compatibility.

 A close-up of the Maxim MG from Copplestone with the Artizan Designs infantry protecting their left flank.

My completed forces so far include the Maxim MG, the infantry and the mountain gun which is also from Artizan Designs.


  1. Very nice! I like how muted the khakis came out - really makes me feel the cold Afghan desert they'll be fighting in!

    1. Thanks. For my highlanders the khaki will be more brown as if they were just issued.