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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

May's Auctions: Perry AWI Riflemen, Pulp Figures Miniatures, and Artizan Designs


I did not do any auctions in April (my goal to make my hobby self-funded) as I was having fun painting miniatures for me and the Barsoomian commission; but, I have some auctions for May that end on Sunday May 9 at 5:00 pm US Pacific Standard Time. First up are twelve (12) American Riflemen from Perry Miniatures excellent American War of Independence range: Riflemen.

I have several painted packs of Pulp Figures on auction that I painted for a client who disappeared off the face of the Earth. Oh well . . . every hobby has that.

The first Pulp Figures auction is the "Agents of Justice".

The second Pulp Figures Auction is "Mysterious Masked Avengers."

The third Pulp Figures auction is "Daughters of the Empire."

Last but not least are some "Household Staff" from Artizan Designs.

Thanks for looking and we will be back to our regular scheduled postings!


  1. Some great looking figures Neil. I'm sure they'll make someone very happy.