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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Not a Good Start to the Hobby Year

Maybe this will sterilize and kill all of his infectious diseases.

As some of you have probably guessed, I usually try to write my posts one to three weeks in advance. This is not one of them! Since the beginning of the year (yikes!) I’ve had streptococcal (big word) throat which required quarantine. About a week later - you guessed it - I caught something that rhymes with bovid. 


Fortunately I’m fairly healthy for a man of my advanced years and was never in any serious danger other than been really tired, worn out, and bored; though I am getting some reading done. But today (January 24) was a milestone, I felt energetic enough to actually paint in my hobby room. As my beautiful bride of 35 years said, “Of course it’s safe for me for you to paint. I don’t go in there unless you want to show me one of your toys.” (I think that’s what she said. Though instead of “toys” I could have sworn she said “accurate miniature representations of fighting men and women throughout the ages”. Yeah, that’s what she said.)

Today I did some detail work and basing on a conversion using Perry Miniatures Afghan Tribal Infantry, Gripping Beast Viking Herdmen, GW Pistoleer, and leftover rock chips from my patio project. This will be Mahbub Ali from the novel Kim, by Rudyard Kipling, based on the portrayal of the character by Errol Flynn.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be back up to a 100% soon and I’ll be getting this operation up and running on time.

Also I started to muster the rest of the 3rd Bombay Light Cavalry.

Take care and be safe.


  1. Hope you are soon on the mend and getting lots of painting done in your enforced isolation .

  2. Good luck and hope you get better!

  3. Rest up. Be well. Paint as you can, keeps the spirit up.

  4. I sympathize with your Covid situation. I'm on the backside of it - came down with it 8 days ago. Now it is just fatigue. Sure glad I'm fully vaccinated/boosted as it really kept the symptoms under control. It just takes some time to recover.

  5. Sorry to read this Neil - was it the Omicron version? I am picking almost all of us will get that at some time or other, so interested to know how bad it is. Strep Throat - now that IS painful - could be more inconvenient than a mild dose of the other, I would have thought! Nice toy by the way- look forward to seeing more soon!