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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Subtropical Sea-louse!

"It’s an Antediluvian Bulldozer!" exclaims Captain Haddock.

There are many unexplored and mysterious places on the face of this earth in the world of 1895. Some hold countless and unknown terrors for explorers and adventurers - one of which is the Sea Louse. Found only in fresh water, it has an unknown habitat and is thought by some to be closely related to sea serpents. The danger is not restricted to the water; there are some unconfirmed reports that the Sea-Louse can also transverse the ground near fresh water sources (Reference Quartermain, A., Unpublished diary, entry August 27, 1893).

The figure I call the Sea-Louse is a 3D download from Duncan Shadow known as the Abolith. Below is the profile I have developed for In Her Majesty's Name and it can be integrated easily into other popular games like Pulp Alley and Empire of the Dead:

Name: Sea-Louse
Pluck: 3+
Move: 12 inches in Water/4 inches on Land
Run: 6 inches in Water/2 inches on Land
Fighting Value: +4
Shooting Value: +0
Speed: +0
Talents: Amphibious, Night-eyes, Terrifying
Basic Equipment: Teeth that are Poisonous! (Already added to Pluck modifier) Attack bonus is +2 and Pluck modifier -3.
Armor: 10 (Scales)
Points: 59

You are definitely going to need a bigger boat.


  1. Replies
    1. Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon!

  2. Very formidable, multi-eyed creature. Great color.

    1. Licorice-livered lubberly scum in thousands of thundering typhoons!

  3. “Ostrogoth! Bashi-Bazook!” Amazing!