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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

More Great Terrain: WizKids Tent and Lean-to

Another great blister pack I picked up before the pandemic (though available on Amazon) is the Tent and Lean-to from WizKids. Both the tent and the lean-to are suitable for a variety of games and are easy to paint.

 Lean-to with figures from Pulp Alley miniatures.

These come primed and for the tent all I did for the tent was paint it Vallejo Buff, watered down some Leather Brown for a wash and then painted the poll Dark Brown. For the lean-to I painted the wood Earth Brown and then dry brushed it with Neutral Grey. For the leaves I used a base of US Dark Green and then dry brushed lighter greens to give it texture and finished it with a light brown wash. This took me (not counting waiting for paint to dry) less than 30 minutes of painting. Easy!

 Another view of the tent with Wargames Foundry and WizKids figures for scale. I am definitely going to buy another and you can't beat the price for the two of them for about US $6!

As you can see they have a variety of uses; the lean-to would be ideal for Colonial America as well. 

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