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Thursday, August 6, 2020

"Daughters of the Empire"

Bob Murch at Pulp Figures continues to churn out some fantastic figures for the Victorian, Victorian Sci-Fi and Pulp era. One of his latest projects to hit his catalogue (funded by Kick Starter) is a new "Dangerous Dames" collection. Above is the entire pack for "Daughters of the Empire" and when I saw it (along with a few others) the shiny new toy syndrome kicked in. These figures will fit in perfectly with some of my ongoing adventures such as the "Hunt for the Mad Guru" and the upcoming "The Egyptian Adventure".  I am still working on their backgrounds and gaming "stats" but they will definitely be on the table top and the Dining room table.

 Princess Rani Rudrama Devi. She will not rest nor wed her betrothed until the Mad Guru, the killer of her family, is brought to justice.

Senga Campbell, honorary member of the 79th Cameron Highlanders. daughter of Laird Duncan, sister of Alasdair, Augustus, Coinneach, Dugald, Niall, Hammish, Rory, and Ruadh. By the way, she's the oldest of her siblings and the best shot - not to mention her work with Department H (there is no Department H).

Never a slave to fashion, Miss Jemima Corbyn, heiress to the Corbyn fortune, is a globe-trotting, get in the way socialite. At least that is her cover based on her impressive number of, how should I say this, successes at what she does best?

Lady Katherine Whitney-Jones Smythe. Loves to hunt and always double-taps bad guys.

Charlotte Quartermain, niece of the legendary Allan Quartermain and just as deadly as a viper.


  1. I see that you have one of my distant cousins as part of your entourage. Be careful, I'm sure she will take no gruff from anyone; she is a Campbell after all.


  2. Want to guess my middle name? My Campbell ancestor came over to Canada in the 1850’s and these are his brother’s and sister’s name.