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Monday, August 31, 2020

Skirmish Games and Scatter Terrain, Part 3: Reaper Miniatures Egyptian Range

Pay Day!

Reaper Miniatures has some fantastic Egyptian "Scatter Terrain" and figures for use in Pulp Gaming, Victorian Sci-Fi, or just plain fantasy gaming. First up is the Egyptian Cat Statue from their Dark Heaven Legends line.

The Egyptian Jackal Statue from the same line:

And number three: A statue of Anubis.

And my personal favorite, The Egyptian Sarcophagus:

They did not think fezzes are cool.

Take off the lid . . .

 . . . the pharoah's casket.

 Which comes out of the sarcophagus.

 Which also reveals a mummy inside.

I purchased just a small sample of Reaper has to offer; they have a sitting statue of Horus, guards, small treasures, large treasures, etc. Plenty of offerings to add to the proper atmosphere of an Egyptian Adventure.


  1. Very, very impressive Egyptian scenes, Neil! I may pick up a few of these sculpts.

  2. I highly recommend them. Some of the links are in the body of the blog. Glad to see the gaming community is still active around Steilacoom!