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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Adventure has a New Name . . . Sort of

"A snake. Why did it have to be a snake?"
Bob Murch at Pulp Figures has sculpted an excellent Indiana . . . er, I mean Carson Smith that resembles a certain favorite adventuring archeologists that has thrilled us over the years. The figure comes with an open hand so you can add either a whip or machete that comes with the pack. If you want to order him, the pack number is PHP 02 Rugged Heroes 1/New Version.

Quick, what's the first scene you think of when we say Raiders of the Lost Ark? Unless you said "giant boulder" or "melting faces," you're probably thinking of Indiana Jones gunning down a swordsman in the middle of an Egyptian market. It's an iconic Indy moment, but it was almost something much more elaborate.
The scene was originally going to be an epic whip-vs.-sword duel, pitting Indy against a gifted swordsman with a wicked scimitar. The swordsman trained for months, and the pair rehearsed the sequence on set, but on the day they were set to actually shoot it, Harrison Ford wasn't feeling well.

Harrison Ford was actually suffering from dysentery so, in a moment of improvisational brilliance, Ford decided it would be easier and funnier if he just shot the guy and the fight scene was rightly scrapped for one the most popular gags ever. Harrison felt sorry for the stunt man who practiced and practiced for the "whip vs sword" scene.



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