Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Allan Quartermain Redux for 2020

Allan Quartermain is one of my favorite fictional, literary characters and the novels are a fascinating look at a sympathetic European toward Colonialism but is still a product of his times. Plus the adventures are outstanding and have interesting characters and great scenarios for gaming.

 Allan Quartermain

I think over the last 4 or 5 years I have used at least 3 different characters from various manufacturers as Allan Quartermain in my gaming. Toward the end of 2019 (what a long time that seems), I had purchased on eBay the Wargames Foundry Congo pack "The White Men Expeditions" as they had figures for two units I was building:  The Tambling-Goggin Expedition and a unit of Askaris for another gamer. What was left over was my new Allan Quartermain. The figure can also be found in the Stouthearted Brits if you don't want to buy the whole Congo pack. 

 Captain John Good for Quartermain's Company. I just use the stats for Great White Hunter from the game In Her Majesty's Name.

Captain John Good is still along with the Adventuring Company (how could he not be with his beautiful white legs!). I have also added Ntando the Witch Doctor of the Natabale as I have improved in using mystical powers.


Last but not least I have added Camp Guards to the Company to give them a little more "ummph" against some of the antagonists Quartermain has been dealing.

The Camp Guards.
Who knows, depending on the size of the game, a socialite or two may show up.
Who knows, depending on the size of the game, a socialite or two may show up.

 Off on another adventure.

Guess who always plays Quartermain!

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