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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Favorite Figures of 2020 (In Chronological Order), Part 2


Continuing with the great year I had in painting figures; not volume, but definitely enjoyment in 2020.  As a reminder over the last few years I have been gravitated toward "skirmish" gaming from the Victorian Era to the late 1930's (though still sign me up for a big battle!). The gaming I have been doing is historically based, but with a Hollywood flair with some Pulp and Science Fiction thrown in for good measure. And I have a new project that puts me right back in the seat of Historical Gaming. Continuing with my favorite figures I painted in chronological order:

The 14th Sikhs get reinforcements.

The first unit of Sikhs that I did were for two games: The Men Who Would be Kings and In Her Majesty's Name. My Sikhs consisted of infantry and a mountain gun from Artizan designs and a Maxim MG from Copplestone Castings. Though the figures were not quite from the same era, they looked great together and never failed me on the "historical" tabletop battlefields nor in the alternative Victorian Science Fiction Universe of 1895.
Rangers from North Star Miniatures. I'm now hooked on doing the French and Indian War!

Rogers' Rangers was initially a provincial company from the colony of New Hampshire, attached to the British Army during the Seven Years' War (French and Indian War). The unit was quickly adopted into the British army as an independent ranger company. Major Robert Rogers trained the rapidly deployed light infantry force tasked mainly with reconnaissance as well as conducting special operations against distant targets.

 Okay, let me get it over with: I love Pulp Figures. I'm just going to clump my favorites all together:

Okay, I need to do a Part 3!


  1. More great work, Neil! Murch’s figures sure have a lot of character and you’ve painted them superbly.

  2. Fabulous array of finely painted figures, Neil. All of them look superb, but the ladies are particularly lovely. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Dale. And a Merry Christmas to you and yours!