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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

First Quarter 2021 Update: How's the Plan going?

Before I go on with a review of my plan I just want to say again that I was honored to have some of my painted figures and creations used in the Second Edition of In Her Majesty's Name.

British Agamemnon Class Medium Mechanized Walker for IHMN2.

Here is the plan I developed for 2021; let's see how it's going. Actually the 1st Quarter has been quite productive (hmmm, global pandemic, two Quarantines, etc.):

1. The French and Indian War. His Most Catholic Majesty, King Louis XV has requested politely (something about it being a pain in my neck if I don't get going) that I finish the initial French force for the French and Indian War. I'm planing on using one of the suggested force listings from Rebels and Patriots:

a. Two units of Light Infantry at 6 points each (Compagnies Franches de la Marine). One is complete.


b.  One unit of Skirmishers that are Sharpshooters at 6 points. Prepped and primed.
c. One Large unit of Aggressive Natives at 6 points. Complete!

2. The Great Game goes Hot! The Russian Empire vs. The British Empire in a fictional (and I mean fictional) war in Central Asia that impacts the British Raj. I'm planning on using both The Men Who Would be Kings and In Her Majesty's Name for all of the fun. It will take place between 1895 and 1920 so I can pick what figures I think look cool for the fight; in other words, be prepared for uniforms and troop types that don't go together historically (I said it would be fictional!). And what's not to like? It will have Wolseley Helmets (just like fezzes, Wolseley Helmets are cool), Russian spies, Political Officers, dashing semi-historical uniforms, Maxim Machine Guns, Pathans, Sikhs, Cossacks, Boris and Natasha, mustaches on stiff upper lips, etc. The conflict will start with a disputed succession of a princedom and a threat to the Khyber pass. The opening shots have been fired! 

Initial Russian Field Force: Complete!

The High Command. Still need to work out some rules for them.

Frontier Guard, 21st Company

The Izmaylovsky Lifeguards

Naval Company from the Battleship Sissoi Veliky

Maxim machine gun and crew.

 The British Raj:

The 19th Punjabis

The 14th Sikhs

3. The adventures of the TFS (The Free Ship) Audacity. Rules will probably mostly be IHMN Edition 2( I also need to finish painting the AudacityStill collecting dust on the shelf but I'll get to it!).
TFS Audacity

Picture of Lady Helen Quartermain and some of her crew that was used in the Second Edition of In Her Majesty's Name.

 4. Paint some old GW Phoenix Guard for Honorable Son #5 (The Skirmisher). They will be used as some sort of elite infantry in Dragon Rampant. Not yet.
5. Try to finish the generic Scottish Infantry (two units) for my English Civil War project. If I really get on a roll, I'll add two units of Scottish horse and one Scottish Artillery Piece. The Scots are still waiting.

This pike block has been finished for over 3 years. Time to get the unit finished and some more.
6. Keep my hobby self-funded primarily through the use of eBay Auctions. So far so good; even had a large commission this quarter to paint.

Ulysses Paxton, Llana of Gathol and a big green meanie as part of the Barsoomian commission.

7. And I'm sure the shiny new toy syndrome will hit somewhere as I expand some collections or get totally distracted.

Well, that's the plan. I hope you have a great year of painting, collecting and gaming!


  1. Looks like a good plan Neil - I am particularly interested in seeing how item 2 develops - good luck!

    1. Yes I need to get back and finish my FIW force for the French.

  2. A very productive Q1, looking forwards to seeing the Great Game play out

    1. Thanks Paul. We’ve been having fun with it.

  3. Looks like a solid round of goaa setting and achievement!

    1. Thanks though with spring weather I think production will slow down with outdoor projects!

  4. Wait…is that brit in the 19th having a cup of tea? Fabulous. Who makes that? Well done a lot accomplished.

    1. He’s writing in a book. Artizan makes a great Brit with a cup of tea in their 2nd Afghan Range.