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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Anglo-Russian War: Caught in the Open, Part 2

Previously: The Princess of Chaimbellistan was being escorted by two regiments of the Army of the Princely State of Chaimbellistan when they were intercepted by an Imperial Russian Force. In spite of the poor Leadership Traits of half of the Russian Force, the Russians have relentlessly attacked and have eliminated almost all of the escort of the princess. On the Russian side, the success has been primarily due to the Naval officer of the Naval Brigade who is "Destined for Greatness" and the superior gunnery of the Russian artillery. Moving as quickly as they can, are reinforcements consisting of the 19th Punjabis from the British Indian Army, the 2nd (Thundering Herd) Regiment of the Chaimbellistan, and tribal infantry from the mountains of Chaimbellistan. The Russians are the attackers and go first.

Turn 5

How much artillery can the 1st Regiment withstand? But they hold steady though they lose another brave figure.

Though his Leadership Trait is "The Gentleman has a bottle" the leader of the Lifeguards sobers up just long enough to order a devastating display of rifle fire that eliminates the 1st Regiment.

The Naval Brigade makes contact with the "immovable object" of the Princess's camp. To secure the princess, two units must be in contact, order "Stand To" and if they are there at the end of the defenders next term that's all she wrote.

A miracle. The officer with the Leadership Trait of "Worthless" (Leadership Value 10+) kinda, sorta moves the 21st Frontier Guard At the Double.

An overhead shot of the situation at the end of the Russian turn.

The 19th Punjabis move into a position where they can influence the battle.

The 2nd (Thundering Herd) fails to move!

The Tribal Infantry fails to move!

Turn 6

The 19th Punjabis feel the fury of the Imperial Russian Artillery but remain steady.

The Lifeguards (between swigs) notice the threat posed by the 19th Punjabis and fire . . . 

. . . eliminating one figure and pinning the unit.

Quick to rally, they are no longer pinned.

The 2nd Regiment is now picking up speed to rescue the embattled princess.

The Tribal Infantry descends from the hard cover of the rough, high ground.

Turn 7

The Naval Brigade fires at the 2nd Regiment - and fails to land a hit.

As other units before them, the 19th gets hammered by the accurate firing of the Russian artillery battery sustaining two more casualties.

They are pinned once more!

Even though he is inebriated, the officer of the Lifeguards gets off the command to Fire and hits another Punjabi soldier.

The 19th now has 2 pin markers - not good!

The 2nd Regiment gets hit by the Naval Brigade, losing one figure and getting pinned.

Both the 19th Punjabis and the 2nd Regiment fail to rally - is this the end? Then with a massive shout, the Tribal Infantry descends on the unsuspecting Russian Naval Brigade!

Next: The desperate and bloody conclusion.


  1. Srirring stuff! (Even if some units seem to be doing more cowering than stirring...)

    1. Good play of words! The results are definitely not what we had expected.

  2. certainly know how to keep the reader/viewer on the edge of his seat Neil! Bloody Russian gun - it reminds me why I must invest in a couple of artillery pieces for my RCW Bolsheviks - the White artillery is often similarly dominant in our occasional games!

  3. The artillery was extremely effective - and the dice rolling didn’t hurt!

  4. Your reports are always a real treat, but you have excelled yourself with this one; 'Russian artillery sticks to the plan' *Fire*—brilliant! I laughed aloud at that one.
    Your figures are so lovely too. It's just a delight to read and to view.
    Ta, James

    1. James,
      I’m glad you enjoyed that! I wish I could take credit for the line but my opponent said and he too laughed. I love having fun with the hobby. Thanks again!

  5. Another stirring episode! Always a visual and literary treat.

    1. SGT Guinness,
      Thanks. It has been a labor of love.