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Thursday, October 28, 2021

French Units for our First Battle of Rebels and Patriots

"Sir, the scouts have returned."
The Canadian born Lieutenant turned to the sergeant and the two natives with him.
"Greetings Euyrons, mighty warrior."
"Greetings Charles! Mighty Sachem!
"What news do you bring?" asked Lieutenant Charles Deschamps de Boishebert et de Raffetot.
Euyrons replied, "The English are getting ready to move. And they are mostly the strange ones."
"How so?"
"They are the ones with the screaming bags that bear their legs."
"The Highlanders. Sergeant Allard - we move at once!"

For our first battle of the French and Indian War we are going to use Scenario A from Rebels and Patriots (Paid Link): First Clash at Lament Ridge.

The Fearless Officer:

For more on the background of this brave lieutenant click this link: Charles Deschamps de Boishebert et de Raffetot.

The Units:

To Summarize:

2 x Compaignes de la Marine that is Light Infantry at 6 points each.
1 x Large Native War Band that is Aggressive at 6 points.
1 x Coureur de Bois that are Skirmishers that are Sharpshooters at 6 points.

Total: 24 points

Next Up: Men in plaid skirts!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I find they really help in learning a new game and helping new players who aren’t familiar with the units.

  2. That French Lieutenant certainly has an impressive name - I wonder what his Woman is like? :)

  3. You've been quite busy with this project - great stuff!

    1. Thanks! We finished the first game and it was fun. Battle report to come.

  4. Excellent looking troops and cards!