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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

British Units for our First Battle of Rebels and Patriots

"Lieutenant McDougall sir!"
"Yes Sergeant Smith."
"Sir. We've been discovered. My rangers came across some Native scouts. We killed three of them but one got away." We pushed up and saw the French. At least two companies of marines, maybe militia. And sir, there is a large war band of Hurons with them. We can't let them Hurons in the valley. They are moving to Lament Hill."
McDougall looked at the ground and then the Ranger. "Well Sergeant Smith, if they take Lament Hill and hold it, they'll control access to the whole valley."
"Yes sir."
"Send your Rangers and your Native scouts out. I'll bring up the lads and we will send those French back to Quebec."
As the ranger moved out, he could already hear the pipes . . .

And now the British forces for our first epic clash of the French and Indian War using Rebels and Patriots (Paid Link):

Our Scottish Hero:

More on Lieutenant McDougall's background can be found here: McDougall.

The Units:

To Summarize:

1 x 42nd Highlanders that are a Large, Aggressive Shock Infantry at 8 points. 
1 x 42nd Highlander Light Company that is a Small, Aggressive Light Infantry at 6 points.
1x Ranger Unit that is a Small, Veteran and Aggressive Light Infantry at 8 points.
1 x Mohegan Native Scouts that are Aggressive Skirmishers at 3 points.
Total: 25 points (Lieutenant McDougall gets a free point due to his Leadership Trait)

Next: The scenario and the set-up


  1. Looks like a strong British force to take on the dastardly French Neil!

    1. Thanks! It was a great game with a lot of variety with the unit types. I'm glad we played the introductory scenario; twists and turns in the battle and some great lessons learned. Stay tuned for the Battle Report.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray. I’ve been loving your orcs for Middle Earth.

  3. Great looking troops! Love the variety of the FIW. Great presentation on the unit stats. Rebels and Patriots is an awesome system. I've worked up some 54mm AWI troops to take to an upcoming convention to use with those rules. Looking forward to your BatRep!

  4. Thanks! It was a great first game with many lessons learned. I would love to see it in 54mm!