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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Afghan Tribal Force Update #7: Second Irregular Unit Started


Here is the start of my second of three Irregular Infantry for the game The Men Who Would be Kings (Paid Link) which I am still painting as Pashtuns from the Afridi tribe. I have finished 6 of the 12 figures and I can't do any more until I buy another box of Afghan Tribal Infantry (Paid Link) from Perry Miniatures. As I have mentioned before, the Afridi's are noted as wearing black and blue garments; but from contemporary photos, illustrations and diaries, this is not a hard and fast rule. The team photo also gives you an idea of the variety of combinations that are possible with the hard plastic box Afghan Tribal Infantry (Paid Link) from Perry Miniatures.

The hard plastic figures really allow some creative modeling and vignettes. I'll cover some tips and techniques I learned while I was doing this project in a later post.

Colonel Warburton conducting negotiations.


  1. Another lovely animated group of characters Neil - and the figure waving his arms really does look a lot like the late, great 007!

  2. Replies
    1. Jonathan - Thanks! I like then too. I had some bad experiences with some other manufacturers hard plastic but these were a joy (or maybe I'm getting better!) to put together and model.

  3. Great looking figs and terrain as always, Neil!

    1. Thanks Dean. As you can see I have been spending a lot of time in India and Central Asia.