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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Favorite Figures I Painted in 2022, Part 2


Continuing on with my end of the year wrap up with my favorite individual figures I painted in 2022. Details can be found under the image which will have a link to the blog posting.

GW Snap Fit Space Marine. He and his brethren (except for the bases) were the first figures I painted entirely with GW Contrast paints.

I've been having loads of fun converting figures in the Perry Miniatures Afghan Tribesman box of hard plastic miniatures. I have also been reading a lot of Kipling this year. I present Kimball "Kim" O'Hara AKA "Little Friend of all the World."

After all the extra pieces were added.

Yep. It was the year of conversions. Here is another character from the novel Kim, Teshoo Lama, a Tibetan monk. It started life as a human wizard from WizKids Nolzurs pre-primed resin line with pieces from the Afghan Tribesman box, Warlord Games ECW infantry, Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen, GW Pistoliers, and some string.

Artizan Designs Punjabi officer painted as an officer of the 20th (Duke of Cambridge's Own) (Punjab) Regiment of Infantry. Except for the sword and base, this figure was painted entirely with GW Contrast paints.

This Rebel soldier just looks cool!

Last but not least, a left-handed figure!

Next: Favorite units I painted in 2022.

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  1. All very nice indeed, Neil....hard to pick a I won't!