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Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Lady's Exploration Society by Pulp Figures

The Museum of Natural History Ladies Exploration Society.
Journey back once again to those thrilling days of youth when men were men, villains were vile and wanted to conquer the world, and the brilliant woman was there to save the day. Speaking of brilliant women, here are the women acedemics and researchers dispatched by the great museums and universities to the far realms of the Earth! That's right! Bob Murch of Pulp Figures has done it again with The Lady's Exploration Society, pack PHP 21.

Professor Weatherspoon. 
Never a slave to fashion but don't let that get-up fool you. Many a rogue has been fooled by her intellect and her umbrella! One of Doctor Fu Manchu's nemesis but he will never admit that a woman has ruined many of his plots for world conquest. Tenured at Miskatonic University.

Doctor Constance Kurridge and the famous driver and navigator, Aloha Wanderwell.
Miss Marla Drake, amatuer archeologist and crime fighter with Ashima Shiraishi the famous pathfinder and mountaineer.

Dr. Constance Kurridge
Doctor Constance Kurridge is independent, wily, clever, witty, and absolutely refuses to settle for anything less than what she wants to do. Rumor has it she helped quelch a Red revolt in REDACTED. Supposedly Connie discovered a Lost Race in the Andes and found another lost city, Lahkpor, in the Tibetan Himalayas. Rumor has it she secretly works for REDACTED.

 Aloha Wanderwell
Aloha Wanderwell was born with an adventurer's name, and she certainly lived up to it. The first woman to drive a car around the world wore men's breeches and had a pet monkey. Aloha—who was born Idris Galcia Hall in Winnipeg, Canada—served as a jack of all trades: "cinematographer, photographer, translator, driver, actress, and seamstress," as well as documentarian. 

She speaks French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Growing up a tomboy with wanderlust and grit—her father was killed in World War I—she was tall and beautiful, as well as an unabashed feminist, who flaunted her men's attire as a necessity. She got caught up in the civil strife in China. She had to tow out Model Ts alongside oxen in Africa and her films of native peoples in Brazil are now in the Smithsonian. She eventually fell in love with "The Captain" and had two children with him, just before mysteriously vanished on a yacht, which is still a case she is investigating no matter where it goes . . . 
Miss Marla Drake
Wealthy socialite Marla Drake is an amatuer archeologist and crime fighter "Miss Fury".
Miss Fury battled many villains, including the mad scientist Diman Saraf and Nazi agents Baroness Erica Von Kampf and General Bruno. A complicated figure, Marla doesn't seem to like being a hero, resenting the need for a secret identity and the danger it poses.

When Ashima Shiraishi started leading some of the steepest routes in the Alps, guide less climbing was becoming increasingly mainstream - but only for men. “The essence of guide less climbing consists in taking upon oneself the entire responsibility for carrying the climb through to a successful finish,” Shiraishi wrote in a National Geographic essay. “This is a lot of fun, and I saw no reason why this pleasure should be closed to women.” So she decided to undertake a “climb sans hommes” of one of the most striking mountains in France: The Grépon, a steep granite spire in the Mont Blanc Massif.

Her training as a young alpinist in Japan had prepared her well for her European adventures, and she had spent many summers adding new summits to her ever-growing resume.Her experience had prepared her well for The Grepon, and she and her climbing partner Alice Damesme successfully stood on the summit in the summer of 1927. Later, French climber Etienne Bruhl famously shook his head and said, “The Grépon has disappeared. Now that it has been done by two women alone, no self-respecting man can undertake it. A pity, too, because it used to be a very good climb.” Undeterred by the insult, Underhill went on to complete the first manless climb of the Matterhorn, which friends planned a reception to celebrate. In typical style, Underhill skipped her own party to go climbing. And she is good with a rifle too.
Wanderwell and Shiraishi
New scientific discoveries and bad guys (and gals) beware!


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    1. Thanks Phil. These figures were a lot of fun to paint.

  2. Great work on these - I have looked at the Pulp Figures range MANY times - must bite the bullet and purchase some one of these days - I did notice recently that he had added a few new packs - great figures and you have don e a lovely job on them!

    1. I highly recommend Pulp Figures. Bob Murch has sculpted some great figures. I'm currently doing some mix and match from his packs to create some Air Pirates and also some Russians to cause the British trouble with "The Great Game."

  3. Great painting. Love the back ground. I have been holding these figures for over a year and now ready to paint them. What is Aloha Wanderwell holding?

    1. It's a great pack that Bob sculpted. Aloha is holding a map case.

    2. Thanks for the info. I was hoping it was a bomb or other weapon. Guess I will have to convert to pistol or rifle. I need fighters for my Women's Institute militia in VBCW collection.