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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Arch Nemesis Fu Manchu takes over Google Blogger

My arch nemesis Fu Manchu has secretly taken over Google Blogger and has given the platform some "new" upgrades. No surprise that as a Baby Boomer it may take me a while to struggle through the "Help".


Many of you have commented on "The Anglo-Russian War: The Battle of Malana, Part 2" and I have approved your comments; however, the nefarious changes that Fu Manchu made are not allowing them to appear. I won't bore you with the other issues that appeared this weekend, but I have a hot team working on it now.

Thanks again for all your support and hopefully I will have the "upgrades" mastered soon!


  1. Very strange...hope to see normal service return shortly

    1. His heinous green gas is out of the pipes and the murder hornets are all dead. We did lose some brave chaps that were killed by sharks with frickin lasers mounted on their heads that came out of no where. . .

  2. Replies
    1. The Shadow is on the lookout for this dastardly villian . . . No matter what it takes (unless Loki is on).