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Sunday, June 6, 2021

We Interrupt the Battle of Malana for this Blatant Commercial Blog Post: Yep, Auction time again


Don't worry! We'll be back to the action in the next post.

One of my goals is to make my miniature gaming hobby self-sustaining; thus the eBay auctions. I have three Auctions this time:

2. Monsters! Everybody needs a monster or two, (okay 7) for a game every once in a while. Four of the figures are from WizKids Nolzur D&D resin range and the three green meanies with axes are from the old Hero Quest Game.

3. Last but not least is an OOP Warhammer Fantasy Griffin Banner for The Empire.

Next: Back to Chaimbellistan and the fighting in the town of Malana!


  1. A noble aim Neil...nice figures too...good luck with your auctions!

    1. Thanks! So far it has worked for about 2 years.