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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Anglo-Russian War: The Battle of Malana, Part 2

The Maharaja's Royal Standard of Chaimbellistain (really the Royal Flag of Sikkim but I thought it looked really cool!).

So far The Battle of Malana has not gone well for the Princely State of Chaimbellistan. The Izmaylovsky Lifeguards Regiment, led by the young and dashing Colonel Alexander Michail Dondukov-Korsakov (he is Destined for Greatness) have dominated the battle so far.  The rules The Men Who Would be Kings are fast paced, enjoyable to play, and throw in that twist just when you need (or don't) need an action to happen!

With their officer's leadership trait, the The Izmaylovsky Lifeguards Regiment continue to use their tactic of using the Free Action of Fire and then rolling for an additional action. Another member of the Royal Guard bites the dust and the unit is pinned. Smelling victory, Colonel Dondukov-Korsakov gives the order to advance with cold steel!

An epic confrontation ensues as bayonets thrust, curses are flung, tulwars parry and men die.

"You shall not pass!" (Is that copyrighted somewhere?)

Both sides lose one figure in the melee making it a tie; The Royal Regiment of Chaimbellistan has held their ground and the Russians must retreat 3 inches. Both sides roll for pinning and neither adds a pin marker.

"Well done my loyal men!"

Meanwhile the 19th Punjabi's rush into the back gate of Malana while the Royal Fusiliers move to the right in an attempt to flank the Russian force and relieve the pressure from the front of Malana.

The Russian Maxim is now in a great position to shoot and fires at the tribesmen in the Difficult Ground which also provides Hard Cover.

"They got me." Due to the leadership of the "Big Guy", no pin marker is added.

The 21st Frontier Guard moves to cover.

The Maharaja fails to rally the Royal Regiment (the Brutal discipline of Colonel Crochet still lingers causing the men to have doubts).

The Big Guy fails his leadership roll to activate the Himachal Militia and they are still in range of the Russian Maxim machine gun.

The Izmaylovsky Lifeguards fire again reducing the strength of the Royal Regiment to only 4 figures; to add insult to injury, another pin marker is added.

The Russians advance but can't quite reach the target.

"We will stay by the walls while we catch our breaths."

The Maxim fires - Yikes! The Maxim hits on a 4+ but must add an additional 4+ for long range and one more 4+ for hard cover for a total of 3 hits. Not bad at all.

Though they take more casualties from the machine gun fire, the Big Guy steadies his men with his bravery and exposure to the enemy fire.

The Naval Brigade moves again! As a reminder, the officer's leadership value is 9+.

Maybe the CPO took over?

The Royal Regiment rallies (whew!).

"I want the 19th Punjabis to reinforce the Mahraja!"

"Russian Navy?"

"Yes it is us you English Landlubbers!"

The 19th Punjabis move quickly to support the Royal Regiment.

An overall view of the situation.

The Lifeguards continue their street clearing operation and another Royal guardsman falls.

With the Regiment pinned, the Royal Bodyguard and the Maharaja draw pistol and tulwar to fight to the death.


In the finest tradition of the Empress' British Indian Army, Maharaja Tukoji Rao II Holkar and the Royal Regiment of Chaimbellistan fight to the last man. Maharaja Tukoji Rao II Holkar would posthumously made a Knight Commander of The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire (KCIE). 

"Form Close Order!" (Activated again!)

"Move! The town is ours."


"Oh great powerful and frightful leader Big Guy, we are getting killed out here!"

. . . and now we're pinned.

The 19th Punjabis, after their historic march, fail to activate and take a breather.

The Royal Fusiliers, shocked at seeing the Russian Naval Brigade form close order, prepare to fire their Lee-Einfield rifles . . .

Next: They’ll be fighting in the streets . . .

After credit scene:

BWAH HAH HAH! The Maharaja has been eliminated! Who will rally his people now?


  1. Fantastic stuff Neil. I have read your post about the Blogger curse of Fu Man Chu....vey odd. I am also a technology Luddite but have had no recent issues eg I added a reply to a comment on my blog yesterday and it is viewable....

    1. Really weird. I approved 3 comments, I can see them on blogger but not the blog to reply.

  2. A marvellous, entertaining tale with superb piccies! The "Maharaja's Royal Standard of Chaimbellistain" is an absolute beauty; and it has been captured! Looking forward to part three.
    Regards, James
    p.s. I've not posted since the latest changes, so am now forewarned/armed.

  3. To my loyal readers and fellow gamers,
    I have approved many of your comments but for some reason (I blame Fu Manchu and that’s the story I’m sticking with) they are not showing up on this one post. Thanks again for your comments even if you can’t see them.

  4. Another great installment, very exciting! I love rules and games that are unpredictable. It’s no fun when everyone’s troops do everything they want all the time.

    1. It’s have the fun and lends itself to an interesting narrative.