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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Favorite Units I painted in 2021

Now it's time to brag about what I think are my favorite units I painted this year. As you'll notice, most 
of my projects this year focused around my fictional Anglo-Russian War using The Men Who Would be Kings (Paid Link) and the French and Indian War using Rebels and Patriots (Paid Link). Yep, it's time to review the year and do some self-promoting and self-indulgence! Units will be in chronological order: 

1. Indian Muslim Infantry from the "Back of Beyond" series from Copplestone Castings.

We're marchin' on relief over Injia's sunny plains,
   A little front o' Christmas-time an' just be'ind the Rains;
   Ho! get away you bullock-man, you've 'eard the bugle blowed,
   There's a regiment a-comin' down the Grand Trunk Road;
       With its best foot first
       And the road a-sliding past,
       An' every bloomin' campin'-ground exactly like the last;
       While the Big Drum says,
       With 'is “rowdy-dowdy-dow!”—
       “Kiko kissywarsti don't you hamsher argy jow?”
From Route Marchin' by Rudyard Kipling

2. White Russian Infantry from the "Back of Beyond" series from Copplestone Castings painted as the The Izmaylovsky Life Guards Regiment (Изма́йловский лейб-гва́рдии полк).

Though the red caps were probably never worn in the field, they sure look cool!

3. Native War Band from Warlord Games. It took time (no assembly painting here!) but it was well worth it.

Except for the figure on the rock (Magua from Warlord Games), all figures came from the boxed metal set (19 in total) from Warlord Games.

4. Yep. The Russian Naval Brigade from the "Back of Beyond" series from Copplestone Castings.


5. The (fictional) Royal Regiment of Chaimbellistan composed of Punjabi Infantry from Artizan Designs and one European from Copplestone Castings as an advisor.

The Royal Regiment of Chaimbellistan led in theory by Maharaja Tukoji Rao II Holkar but in reality tactical decisions are made by Colonel of the Realm James Bartholomew Crochet.

6. Provisional Rifle Corps: Morgan's Sharpshooters. Miniatures by Perry Miniatures from their AWI range.

7. "Daughters of the Empire" by Pulp Figures.

8. Imperial Russian Putilov M1902 76mm quick firing Gun by Tsuba Miniatures.

9. The 1st Madras Pioneers. Bombay Infantry and Jacob Rifles figures from Perry Miniatures with some bits added.

"Sarvatra!" (Everywhere!)

Alternative command stand to make them the 2nd (Thundering Herd) Regiment of the fictional Princely state of Chaimbellistan. 

10. The Caledonian League. Who are you going to call in the late 19th Century Victorian Sci Fi world when the British Empire is threatened? Figures from Old Glory, Pulp Figures, Reaper, Converted Warlord Games and Copplestone Castings.


  1. You produce a number of superb units for 2021. Perhaps (2) White Russians are my favorite by a nose.

    1. The Russian Guards are definitely one of my favorites of all time.

  2. Love ly stuff Neil. The BoB units are my favourites! I have just taken delivery of the same field gun but with a Bolshevik crew! And I still like the paint job you have done on the Indian princess!

    1. The Indian Princess was definitely a hit this year. Thanks again.

  3. Another marvellous selection Neil. All superb. I really like the Russian Guards too, I think particularly as the you featured them in a couple (few?) especially memorable games. Those woodland Indians are a treat too and the French and Indian War is a real favourite of mine.
    Regards, James

  4. A very nice collection! I love the striped turbans.

    1. Thanks! I have finally figured out a good technique.

  5. You've done some great work this year- great stuff. I am especially fond of the striped turbans.