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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Volley and Bayonet: The Battle of Oberbratwurst; Turns 2 and 3

 The Battle of Oberbratwurst continues:

Turn 2: Franco-Bavarians. With the threat to my left flank from the Imperial cavalry, I decided to commit my second line of cavalry to protect the flank of the infantry. The second line consisted of Bavarian Cuirassiers, Irish in French service and regular French cavalry. In the center and right, I decide to keep my forces stationary which will allow them to be better prepared (more combat dice) against the inevitable Danish assault in the center and the attack of the Anglo-Dutch on the right. In addition, I was able to get the cavalry on the right into a line of battle.
 French Artillery supporting the Bavarian line. The lone painted figure behind them is a marker that designates them as "stationary" allowing them a higher rate of fire.

Danish Troops continue to keep pressure on the Bavarian Line. The Bavarians will inflict heavy casualties on the Danes but the Danes will push them back.

My cavalry attack on the left was disastrous as most of the cavalry is eliminated by the tough Austrian Cuirassiers and other Imperial cavalryIt was dawning on me that the battle might be over pre-maturely if I can't stabilize the left flank.

Turn 2: The Grand Alliance. Giving me no pause, Prince Eugene launches an all out assault on the remnants of the Franco-Bavarian Cavalry causing the total collapse and elimination of the cavalry wing.
The sad remnants of the Bavarian Cuirassiers before the total collapse on the left flank.

As the Franco - Bavarian cavalry collapse, the second line of the Imperial cavalry swings to the side and hits the French Infantry and scattered French cavalry in the flank.
 The French say "Yikes!"

On the French right flank, the British and Dutch cavalry charge and the French mimic their brothers on the left flank and advance to the rear. The Dutch, English, Scots and Danes continue to attack putting pressure on and pushing back the Franco - Bavarian lines.

Massed musketry and contact along the entire front; linear warfare at its finest!

Turn 3: Franco - Bavarians. Okay, this is turning into a disaster. Most of my cavalry is gone or is disordered and all of my infantry, though fighting, is pushed back. This turn I decide to try and stabilize my position as much as possible as I hold steady and have my "second" line stay stationary to increase their fighting ability giving the first line time to reorganize. It will also be a good turn for the French artillery as they score several hits. 

The second line of the Bavarian army stands firm as they attempt to stem the tide the Imperial infantry. The single painted figure behind the line represents the status of "stationary." This will increase the combat power of the Bavarians.

A view of the disordered "first" line as they reorganize. As a reminder, the yellow figures mean "disorder."

The English and Scottish regiments continue to advance.

French Second line moves forward and will not be "stationary" as they help plug gaps in the line from the defeat of their cavalry brothers.

The remnants of the cavalry on my right flank form a "weak" line to the left of Oberbratwurst - but a least it is filling the hole in the line.

That's a lot of Dutch and English cavalry.

One more spot of good news: The Imperial cavalry on my left flank is "exhausted" due to losses they took over the last two turns. They are no longer capable of advancing into contact; however, they can still threaten flanks, defend and cause other mischief that could affect the morale of linear units.

Turn 3: The Grand Alliance. Wow, when he is committed to attacking he is committed to attacking. The Grand Alliance continues their relentless assault - but, they are starting to run out of steam. The continuous fighting all along the line for 3 turns has put some gaps in the allies line as units become disordered and have to fall back. This turn probably sees the most combat of the battle so far: close range musketry and counterattacks by the French and most importantly the Bavarian infantry stop the Grand Alliance attacks in their tracks!

Next: The Guards of France and England will clash! Plus the turn the French artillery will sadly remember.


  1. Another episode of riveting narrative and beautiful figures. Thanks!

    1. Jonathan,
      Unfortunately my opponent is Honorable Son #4 (the Greatest 18th Century general who has ever lived) and I have never beaten him in a game with muskets involved. But now the Bavarians will counterattack!

  2. A fine looking game that sounds very typical of this era....lets see how the Bavarians go!

    1. I became fascinated with the WSS after a visit to Blenheim Palace - fantastic tapestries! And it didn't hurt that I got to see Winston Churchill's toy soldier collection. I echo your comment: Go Bavarians!